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The 7 Successful Habits Of Thin People

With the obesity epidemic on the rise and a society always looking for a quick fix, it is plain to see that these two mentalities do not mix well. According to the CDC, overweight is defined as an adult with a BMI between 25 – 29.9, and a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese. Alarmingly, the prevalence of overweight adults has increased significantly in the past decade, reaching 70%, an increase from 65% in 2000. Even more eye-opening is the amount of obesity found in the US, rising to 34% from 31% in 2000 (NHANES). So what is the majority of America doing wrong?

What Thoughts Are Keeping You From Losing Weight?

If you are reading this article, you may be struggling with your weight. I too have struggled with my weight for many years. It was not until I began to change my thoughts did the weight begin to melt off and my self-esteem increase.

Top 5 Diets That Actually Work

There are many diets circulating here and there such that it is sometimes hard to determine diets that work. Which diets actually do work? Here is a list of diets that have compelling reasons as to why they work, what examples of food each diet can contain, and for whom they are best fitted.

My Body – My Business

Your body is like a business. Tend to it daily, and you will likely achieve success. Ignore the warning signs of trouble and you will probably discover that your past efforts founder as you climb aboard once again, that viscous cycle of weight loss.

How To Lose 10 Kilos in 5 Months and Gain Elite Cycling and Triathlon Fitness

Actually this worked so well you can lose 18 kilos in 8 months! You will find many sites and e-books that give you a wealth of food information. This now gives you a strategy.

The Effects of Body Fat On Our Health

Most Healthcare Professionals agree that too much body fat is a risk for adverse health effects. Some of the effects might include high blood pressure, increase in LDS’s or bad cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems and degenerative joint disease. The accumulation of body fat is not the only factor that affects health, but the location of it as well. The accumulation of fat around the stomach and waist has been associated with hyperlipidemia or fat in the blood, heart problems and diabetes.

Fat Burning Boosters For Everyday Use

Losing flabby body fat is simple, yet very hard for many people to do. Read more to learn about the simple and easy steps you can take every day to start shedding unwanted pounds.

Good Ways to Lose Weight Fast – Read More About It

Most people nowadays really have difficulty in losing fat. While gaining weight is such a breeze, losing those pounds is another issue. Every food and beverage people take and enjoy has a large percentage of fat and that causes one to bloat and really appear bigger than before.

To Lose Weight, Eat These 5 Things

Weight loss on your mind? Well what you eat is of utmost importance! Read this article to learn about tasty foods you should be eating because they are also healthy for you.

Why Your Diet May Turn Out To Be A Mere Band-Aid Over A Bullet Wound

Your chosen diet could be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals, and worse still, could leave you susceptible to weight gain in future. Find out why a few small changes for the long term could lead to a healthier, happier you…

Three of the Top Weight Loss Programs

If one asks ‘how can I lose belly fat fast’, then this article has the perfect answer. Losing belly fat and keeping it off forever is certainly a lifelike goal if done in the correct way. Nowadays most people suffer from obesity and the main cause of this problem is that people are becoming too lethargic to exercise and overeat a lot.

What Type of Exercise I Can Easily Do During the Day to Lose Unwanted Weight?

Proper food intake containing balanced amount of nutrients along with moderate exercise is essential for proper weight management and good health. Although exercise and nutrition are best buddies of good health, exercise does not have to be strenuous to maintain a good body weight and general health. This article provides tips on exercise that you can easily do during your typical day while watching what you eat to achieve your goal of desired body weight and well being.

The Flat Belly Code

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