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Green Tea Plus Oolong Tea – Perfect Combination for Weight Loss

It’s essentially the catechins present in unfermented tea leaves, a sub-class offlavonoids, which are group of highly potent anti-oxidants and complex organic molecules that are believed to be the key behind why consuming green tea regularly, instructs weight loss and inhibits the adsorption of fats. There is still much debate as to really how effective green tea is at instructing weight loss, but studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are just the latest findings which clearly purport that the catechins present in the fermented leaf, have a definite effect on your metabolic rate,…

Fasting and a Better Weight Loss Program

Fasting is not new. In fact, Indian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern mystics have used fasting as a means to connect with higher levels of consciousness for millennia. There is just something about going without food or drink that strips the soul bare and enables the powerful intellect of man to rid itself of most of the distractions that get in the way of realizing eternal truths.

Tired of Riding the Health Rollercoaster?

The weight loss industry is a $60 billion dollar sector filled with millions of dieters. Have you become a statistic or a victim of the scale? True results are a matter of lifestyle choices, not a diet. There are no shortcuts and no end date. How many times have you dropped 5-10 pounds for a wedding, holiday or vacation just to put it back on and 5 pounds more, maybe even 10 pounds more?

Five Tips to Burn Fat Quickly

The weight gain is one of the most common problems that are related with our everyday life. However, there are a lot of solutions that you can use to overcome that problem and the only thing that you will have to do is to search for some of the best tips that are available. 1) Eating right is one thing, but it won’t do the job alone. You need to exercise, and one of the most important aspects of exercise is resistance training.

Fat or Carb Blockers or Binders – What Do I Need?

If you’re considering using a fat loss supplements such as a fat or carb blocker or binder, but aren’t sure of what kind to use, you first need to check your diet and ask yourself this: Am I consuming too many carbohydrates or too many fats? This is extremely important as some people tend to jump on the band wagon of the latest weight loss supplement to hit the stores, only to find out they haven’t addressed their diet clearly enough. We put on weight because we simply eat more calories…

Viewing the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The cost of gastric bypass surgery is a big factor when it comes to actually having this type of operation. In most cases in is not covered by personal insurance of Medicare, so the cost must be payed by the patient.

Burning For You: Best Way to Get Rid of Fat

Burning fat is a bit of a misnomer. You can only burn calories, but depending on your nutrition plan, you can combine what and when you eat with your workouts so that you position yourself to burn the excess fat that you have.

Abdomonal Body Fat: Lose the Belly in Order to Gain Health

There are no true quick fixes or magic pills when it comes to losing our excessive abdominal fat. Excess belly fat is much more than a superficial, cosmetic issue fixed by a gimmick or gadget. It’s sign of potential trouble. We need to address the underlying causes and restore our healthy function.

3 Home Exercises for Losing Weight Fast!

Losing weight fast is not particularly easy especially when it’s solely down to you alone, but there’s no reason why you can’t muster up that will power and perform one, if not all of the following home exercises to help you shed those fat stores faster than just your diet and/or supplement are helping. 1. Walking OK, walking might not sound like a particularly strenuous exercise that’ll burn off those calories quick, but don’t underestimate how a daily brisk walk accompanied with the right diet can work its wonders.

25 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

Consistently eating a healthy diet and moving our bodies regularly are the foundational keys to losing excess weight and body fat, as well as the necessary requirements to sustain our success. However, there are times when diet and exercise just don’t seem to be enough.

Three Steps to Successfully Losing Weight

It’s a small, four-letter word and it isn’t even a bad one, though most of us shy away from it! When we do, sadly we also fail to reach our goals. I know you are eager to know what that word is. It is PLAN. It also means: map, chart, diagram, sketch, and arrangement. Simple enough, right? Well then why do people not plan for their success?

Useful Weight Loss Tips You Should Know

To many, losing weight seems like an uphill task. However, when you have the right information, then it is not so intimidating. Below are some tips to help losing weight looks more achievable.

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