What I Ate in a Day & MEAL PREP With Me (Healthy-ish Vegan Recipes!)

Can Certain Colors Help You Lose Weight?

The Rainbow Diet, The Color Diet, the whole idea that if you just eat certain colors your weight loss woes will be no more. Can eating a certain color effect how much weight you lose? Dieting isn’t that simple, the color of the food doesn’t matter as much as the preparation and portion size.

7 Sneaky Ways To Lose Weight (And How They Can Make You More Productive At Work)

There are many reasons why we put on weight. I’m going to show you 7 concrete ways you can start using today to reduce waist size AND become more productive at work.

The Benefits of Modern Body Wraps

Do you want to get rid of the extra layer of fat in your body that is making you look chubby? Are you concerned that toxins and debris in your body are making your skin loose and unhealthy? Perhaps these toxins are responsible for undesirable body issues you have such as black and white heads, eczema and acne? You can do away with all these, and get a smoother, finer and healthier skin within a few days using body wraps. In this post, I have researched and will enlighten you on the pros of body wraps.

The Muffin Top: What Causes It and 4 Ways To Lose It

I just can’t get rid of this muffin top!! Isn’t it frustrating? You try and try to lose weight but this one area is so stubborn! As if that wasn’t bad enough, then they came out with skinny jeans! So why do we gain weight in that area and how can we lose it?

Weight Loss – Handy Tips and Resources

An article to aid you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This article gives you handy tips and resources to point you in the right direction and help you to lose weight.

Accelerating Weight Loss and Improve Skin Health and Appearance With Body Wraps

Body wraps are not merely a fad, they are proven effective techniques that can be used to lose weight, beautify the skin and generally improve your health. They have been in use for centuries, the first records of body wraps date back to the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. These ancient cultures knew about the positive and especially the beauty effects of body wraps and used them not only for beautification but for treatment of skin conditions as well. What we know today though is that body wraps are a shortcut to weight loss.

Home Body Wrap Weight Loss: Lose Up To 20 Inches in Under An Hour At Home

A body wrap is a weight loss and skin rejuvenation and health improvement technique that involves the use of natural ingredients and other herbal elements including herbal oils. Body wraps may appear as a modern fad but these techniques have been in use – as beautification solutions and as healing techniques – since the times of the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. They are however more advanced today as scientists have been able to discern the exact elements that the body needs to get rid of toxins beneath the skin and help in the shedding of fat layers under the skin.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Is It the Real Deal

In this Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review we give you all the pros and cons about a weight loss program that might not be the best but it definitely works. It might even change how how look at losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

Snacks, Weight Loss, and Catching Dinner

Snacking is one of the biggest barriers to successful weight loss. The reason for this is that snacks are seen as a treat, and treats are rewards. So when we cut down on the snacks, in order to lose weight, we feel like we are being punished and that’s when the resistance kicks in and we find ourselves either craving constantly or giving in. Here’s how to move the goal posts so you can succeed easily.

How to Lose Belly Fat – For Beginners

How do I lose Belly Fat? My goal is to make this life changing process as easy to understand as possible. So please forgive me if I “over-explain” a few things as we get started. I take the approach that not everybody understands how to lose weight and how to eat healthy. So let’s get started!

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise – Step 1

Just start with one meal. Focus on sticking to this plan for one meal for five to seven days in a row and then do what you normally do for the other meals.

Fat Burning Diets – Best Fat Burning Food To Help You To Lose Weight

You don’t have to go through any torture like wrap yourself in plastic bags or sit in a hot sweat box to burn fat. (Some people actually do this stuff). You can actually burn fat, get lean and healthy in a nicer way by incorporating some fat burning foods in your daily diet.

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