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Healthy Eating – Four Ways To Jumpstart Your Clean Eating Program

Are you looking to clean up your diet? Do you want to improve your nutritional standing but are not too sure where to start? Clean eating is all about eating foods in their natural, unprocessed state. It is about avoiding all the packaged and manufactured foods we see lining the supermarket shelves today and instead, focusing on foods that nourish your body and provide an abundance of nutrients to each and every one of our cells. If you have been following an eating plan rich in processed foods, it can be quite challenging to at first make the transition to clean eating. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Here are four great ways to jump-start your clean eating plan.

Lowering Your Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease

What are the causes of Parkinson’s Disease? Know the risk factors for the disease.

The Health Benefits of Maca Root

Super-food Maca is native to the mountains of Peru and is cultivated as high as 4300 meters above sea level. It has been used for over 3500 years and legend claims that during the peak of the Incan empire, the warriors consumed maca before going into battle to ensure super strength and stamina.

Nutrition – Foods to Help Boost Your Hearing

As you go about your journey to improve your overall health, it is important you take into account all elements of your health: hearing included. Unfortunately hearing loss impacts many people with as high as 15% of individuals over the age of 18 reporting some degree of hearing struggle. While the most common cause of hearing loss is simply getting older, with the greatest number of people who struggle being those in their later years, don’t discount the impact of your lifestyle choices.

Whole Grains Vs. Regular Grains

There are a lot of different grains out there and chances are that you already eat your fair share of them in your diet. At the same time however the average person doesn’t get enough whole grains in their system throughout the day!

Choose Gratitude for Well-Being

As you celebrate the holidays and plan for a healthier more active you in the new year, give yourself a timeout. Take time to step away from the frenetic hustle and bustle and think seriously about gratitude during the year that is ending. One of my many caveats with my clients is to remind them that the well-being life has many facets and gratitude is one of the important elements.

Low Grade Inflammation Is a Tax on Your Immune System

When we experience a physical injury, our bodies respond by releasing substances designed to help fight the injury and repair any damage that may have been caused. Some of these substances are releases by muscle tissue, which helps to explain the theory that we heal faster if we keep moving. Others are released by organs, such as the liver, and may be measured by taking a blood sample. The body reacts to any inflammation in the same way, not just in response to injuries. Inflammation does not need to be the result of an injury to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms.

Choose Coconut Oil to Boost Your Immune System

You may have noticed that a short while ago a certain product was reported to be unhealthy for humans, and then a few years later new research proves that in fact the product offers health benefits. Chocolate was ‘bad’ for you and now it is a good source of antioxidants, so long as you avoid products high in sugar. Sometimes, the change in posture reflects real scientific discovery, and sometimes it is simply the result of misunderstanding or miscommunication. Over the last decade or two, not too many products have experienced the degree of change in public support that coconut oil has.

9 Switches for Better Nutrition

This article describes some everyday switches you can make in order to live a healthier life. I have listed 9 alternatives for everyday foods that can have a real impact on your life.

Trends on Tap for Health & Fitness

There are a lot of options in health and fitness trends so try something new or sample one of the foods on the “hot list.” You may find that the new addition is a winner in helping you achieve your goals.

Are Probiotic Foods The Good Bacteria Our Body Needs?

Mainstream medicine is waking up to what the natural health movement has known for decades: good bacteria, or probiotics, play a crucial role in your health and immune system. Knowing how these good bacteria can strengthen your immune system can be the key to better health.

Top 3 Reasons Protein Is NOT Overrated

Some people claim that the recent push for protein is unnecessary, that protein is “overrated.” This brief article covers three reasons to view protein differently.

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