Find Out About The Foods That Fight Abdominal Fat!

Looking for the foods that fight abdominal fat? Well then, you have come to the right place as here you will find out about some of the wonder foods that help you burn belly fat fast. So, you better keep reading right to the end of the following section.

The Doctor’s Top 7 Insights Why You May Be Overweight

Based on years of field experience, we doctors have put together the Top 7 Reasons people are overweight. This article gives our insight into why people gain weight and why they cannot lose the weight, based on actual patient data from our weight loss clinics. Read this article to find out which weight loss enemies are holding you back and what you can do to eliminate them.

Tips On How To Eliminate Belly Fat

Everyone wants a “flat” stomach, if not great abs. We all want less of the belly fat. But how do you control body fat? You can do this in four easy steps: exercise, diet, sleep and stress management.

Getting Rid of Muffin Top In Three Easy Steps

The number one reason why you have got muffin top is not because you don’t do enough of certain exercises or because you have got bad genes that cause you to gain fat around your belly. The main reason why you have got a muffin top is simply because you have got high levels of body fat. I am guessing that in addition to wanting to get rid of muffin top you also have got some unwanted belly fat that you want to be gone too.

The Myth of Spot Reduction and How To Really Lose Back Fat

If you want to get rid of back fat you need to know one very important thing. There is no such thing as spot reduction and it is simply impossible to get rid of fat from specific parts of the body. It does not matter whether you want to lose back, arm or belly fat, there are no training programs of exercises that will help you to lose fat from those specific body parts.

Four Tips For a Summer Weight Loss Challenge

You can make this a summer of transformation with a process that can focus your mental and emotional energies. These four tips can get you started.

Basic Nutrition for Fat Loss

Most people have grown up eating three meals a day, but are not sure on what they should be eating for each meal, and for their snacks between meals. While everyone is unique and should customize their nutrition to match their personal goals and life style, here is a basic nutrition plan that will help you safely lose weight and burn fat. Personally, I consume between 1500-1800 calories per day divided between 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. Your caloric needs may be greater or less based on your current weight and activity level.

Why Does Diarrhea Cause Weight Loss?

Diarrhea is an unpleasant and distressing condition we all experience from time to time. However certain forms of diarrhea are more severe than others and these are the ones that can cause weight loss.

How Struggle-Free Weight Loss Can Be Yours

If you have become overweight and wish to reclaim your slim, fit body then the only way to lose weight and get back into shape is by changing the way you think and feel about food and exercise. You may not be aware of it but something has gone slightly ‘skew whiff’ in your inner mind programming…

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss – On The Topic of Carbs

You hear a lot of discussion about carbs these days, in relation to weight loss. Just what are carbs? Are they healthy? Are there ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs? Do carbs contribute, or not, to healthy eating for weight loss?

Smash Your Dinner Plates and Four Other Good Ideas for Your Six Pack Abs Diet

Dieting does not have to be boring and tasteless. There are many ways to keep your motivation up and your calorie count down. Jump start your diet with these great suggestions!

Cutting Through the Hype to Find the Best Diet

There’s probably no area more saturated with hype and misinformation than the weight loss industry. More than half of Americans try to lose weight every year, providing diet book publishers, manufacturers of diet pills and supplements, weight-loss clinics and a wide range of other companies with more than 60 billion dollars every year. Unfortunately, most of those dollars will be spent in vain, since the vast majority of dieters will get all their weight back, plus a little more. There are safe, effective ways to lose weight available, but finding the best diet for you can be extremely difficult. Here are some tips to finding the best diet for you.

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