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Weight Loss and Whey Protein

Many people use whey protein powder as a body building supplement, but did you know that many also use it for weight loss? Read on to find out how effective it is, and also why it is very important to look for certain things in your whey protein powder supplement.

The Truth About Diet Pills Part One: Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Currently, most weight loss drugs that are commonly approved by the FDA are only for short-term use which means using them for a few weeks or at most a couple of months. Basically there are two types of prescription weight loss medication…

The Truth About Diet Pills Part Two: Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

Lose Weight Now. Rapid Weight Loss. Lose Weight Fast. Go to your local corner store… or your local drug store… or the supermarket… and now even your local health food store and you’re bound to be bombarded with the endless options of over the counter weight loss pills…

5 Common Mistakes When Dieting

Ravi Dhingra, MD, a Harvard Medical School researcher, did a study of 6,000 middle-aged men and women who had exams every four years. At the beginning of the study, all were free of heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Four years later, in comparison to people who drank less than one soda per day, research found that those who consumed one or more sodas a day experienced…

4 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

When you take in sources of protein including seafood it is important to try to get the leanest meats that are available at your local market. By leaner meats I mean meats such as chicken, pork, or fish. One thing you should avoid at all costs is processed meats for health reasons. Harvard’s School of Public Health’s website states that processed foods such as bacon, hot dogs, and deli meats have been linked to higher cancer, heart disease, and diabetes risk. If you feel you must eat red meat, as I do, try to buy…

Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

Many people want to lose weight and resort to doing things that are unhealthy. Here are some tips that you can follow to achieve a healthy weight loss.

Christmas Time Is Motivation to Lose Weight

If there was one time in the year that was a great motivator to lose weight, Christmas would be it! Don’t be doomed like the other 90 percent of people who wait till new years eve, make a new year’s resolution (probably the same one you made last year), only to wind up lasting about a week and a half, or until the Christmas holidays are over. You go back to your normal work routine and your resolution is done and dusted for another year!

5 Most Effective Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss will be affected mainly by food that your diet is centered around. Here are 5 most effective foods for weight loss that can fit easily into a healthy diet.

How To Lose Weight Using ‘The Focus Factor’

Do you want to know how to lose weight and keep it off?  The best way to start is to ask yourself where your focus lies!

Use The Body Mass Index Calculator To Find Your Ideal Weight

You know you have to lose weight but do you know how much you have to lose? Do you have a target to shoot for? Like most things we are trying to achieve, losing weight works best when we have a goal. For goals to be effective, they have to be specific. You can use the body mass index calculator to help you set the healthy weight target you need to meet.

How to Lose 10 kg and Keep It Off Permanently

Have you been looking for the real secret to weight loss that gets top weight loss results? Then you need to keep reading to discover the methods and top tricks that you can use to burn body fat fast and lose weight quickly.

The Best Weight Loss Program for the Penny-Pincher

Who says you need thousands of dollars to have the perfect body? Read on to discover the best weight loss program for people on a budget.

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