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Do You Chew, or Do You Smoothie?

Could satiety — the feeling that we don’t need to eat more food for a while — be increased simply by chewing our food longer and more thoroughly? This article explores the connection between satiety and chewing, food textures, hormones and more.

Jack LaLanne’s Diet and Exercise Routine

DIET: He ate only two meals a day. The first meal was at 11am after the workout and the second around 7pm usually at a cafe with his wife. His breakfast consisted of…

5 Healthy Ingredients You Can Start Using Right Now

Tired of everyone giving advice on what you should and shouldn’t eat? Do you want easy to find, easy to use ingredients that make you healthier? Look no further!

How Quitting Alcohol Could Change Your Eating

Quitting alcohol can have many benefits in the long run: improved health, reduced appetite, and more. But be aware of short-term effects, covered in this article, so you can be ready.

Help Your Child Eat Healthy at Home and in School

Children are creatures of habit hence they can learn to develop good eating habits. There are a few steps parents can take to encourage their children to make better food choices.

Health Benefits Of Green Vegetables

Adding green vegetables to your daily meal plate is the most effective and the simplest way to improve your overall health. Because a diet rich in green vegetables can help to protect you from a number of diseases such as heart related problems, cancer, skin etc. And can also slow down your body’s aging process.

Best Laxative Foods: Flaxseed, Aloe Vera, Yogurt and Magnesium

It can make a person feel so healthy and energetic to have smooth digestion and elimination, and it can feel equally as bad to experience an upset stomach, constipation or diarrhea. With infrequent bowel movements, the digestive tract can retain a large quantity of toxic material that can accumulate over time and contribute to many chronic health problems and conditions. Nature has provided us with some time-tested and research-supported laxative foods that not only relieve constipation but also deliver many additional health benefits.

Pure Sidr Honey Brings You Amazing Medical Benefits

Adding pure sidr honey is an ideal option to get rid of various health problems like heart disease, cancer (certain types) and various other diseases. You have to find the store from where you can buy this special type of honey.

Fat Free Food

As human beings we need fat. It’s the densest form of calorific energy we can ingest. The trick is to choose the right kind of fat and that’s simple: keep it as natural as possible.

Figuring Out Phytochemicals

You hear a lot about the phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables. But, what exactly are they and what do they do? Find out here.

Healthy Eating – Foods to Help You Sustain Optimal Iron Levels

As an active individual, one nutrient you will want to ensure you’re taking in sufficient amounts is iron. Iron is a metal essential to most life forms, including human. It is responsible for helping with the formation of red blood cells, which then helps transfer oxygen to and from the working muscle tissues. If you start to fall short in iron, you may experience iron-deficiency anemia, which can then lead to premature fatigue during exercise, hair loss, and a general feeling of malaise. Fortunately, if you are smart with your eating plan, you can sustain optimal iron levels.

What Are Fermented Foods and What Benefits Are There?

Fermentation, as it relates to food, is a chemical reaction which allows a ferment to cause an organic module to divide into reduced substances. An example of this would be the converting of sugar to ethyl alcohol by yeast (the ferment). It was discovered thousands of years ago through observation by our ancient ancestors. Food fermentation has several advantages and a few of the most advantageous are that the food provides natural probiotics, and it is enriched with vitamins, essential amino acids, bioactive compounds and minerals.

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