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The Rejuvenating Effects of Lemon Diet

The Master Cleanse diet, otherwise called the lemon diet or lemonade diet has been in the market for close to 60 years. Several celebrities and even dieticians recommend and use this diet to lose weight and improve health. The father of this diet, Stanley Burroughs came up with this to improve health conditions such as digestion complications, congestion and also to lose weight in a healthy way.

Healthy Food Items To Help You Lose Weight

Knowing what foods to eat that will help you to lose weight naturally and reach your weight loss goals is something that is often over looked by many when starting a weight loss program or diet plan. I hope to enlighten you with this article about real healthy food that you should include in your diet that will help you to lose weight naturally and reach your diet plan goals quickly and easily.

Healthy Weight Loss Plans – Your Motivation Determines Your Success Part 2 of 4

All too often, before one is barely out the starting gate with their Healthy Weight Loss Plan, they find themselves stumbling, veering off course and ultimately ending up in a heap of frustration and failure. It All Starts in Your Head – Some of the things that undermine weight loss efforts-lack of conviction, self doubt, (I’ve tried dozens of diets and failed. I’ll probably fail at this one, too.)

Lose Weight – Believe It!

If you need help to slim down, how about you start believing you can? Really believing. If you can change your beliefs you can change your life.

Lose Weight Fast: The Top 7 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Hungry After You Eat!

If you want those pounds to drop, it is imperative that the amount of calories you eat per day do not equal or exceed the amount of calories your body needs to MAINTAIN your current weight. You have to eat slightly less than that amount to get results. And of course you have to use fitness to burn off more calories to trigger weight loss and fat loss successfully (dieting is VERY important, but fitness is required in order to get amazing results). That being said, one of the biggest problems many people have with dieting is that they just can’t get full when eating! Are you experiencing this? Here are 7 top tips that helped me and I’m sure will help you as well…

Sleep More and Lose Weight Using Brainwave Entrainment

Not sleeping well at night may be the cause of you being overweight, especially if you are over 50 years old. Brainwave entrainment, a proven scientific technology that uses sound and/or light pulses to alter your brainwave patterns, can change the messages in the brain from “let’s hold onto that fat” to “let burn that fat for energy.”

Is Your Work Place Environment Contributing To Your Weight Gain?

A new study has found that the most common place to break your diet and succumb to peer pressure to eat unhealthily is at your place of work. Why is this the case and what can you do to fight the pressure you may feel at work to violate the rules of your dieting plan?

Weight Management and Childhood Obesity in USA

Obesity is described as a mutation in a single gene. The gene which is responsible for the ability of neurons to effectively pass along appetite suppressing signals from the body to the right place in the brain. When that single gene mutate, then the results is obesity because that single gene is no more sending the signals to the brain to inform the body that the food it’s taking is enough. The gene called Gluttony Gene according to some scientific studies is said to be responsible for obesity cases caused by compulsive non-stop eating. In terms of weight management, children that may have this single gene gluttony mutation may have more difficulty following a strict, low-carb diet, particularly long-term.

Healthy Meals To Lose Weight

Eating healthy meals to lose weight that also are tasty doesn’t have to be an elusive proposition. It does take a strong determination on your part to resolve to do so. There are tons of recipes out there, healthy and not healthy. It is sometimes time consuming to weed through to the ones you really enjoy plus are healthy meals that will help you lose weight.

Emotional Eating – Why We Gain Weight When We Are Upset

Emotional or comfort eating are words which are used often in today’s society. However, even though you may know you are a comfort eater, you may not know why. If you are one of the many that have tried repeatedly to lose weight, only to put it straight back on again then this article may just be for you. I will give you an insight as to why you are doing this so that you may seek the appropriate help to resolve the emotional issue that has been weighing you down.

Women Fitness – Is This Your Goal?

The word fitness is commonly used, but do you know what it means? It is used to indicate Health, vigor, strength, energy. Each of these can be diminished by inactivity, which leads to a loss of muscle, functional ability, and increased weight, all indicators of low fitness levels. It is important…

Why Friends And Family Are Crucial For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a fairly simple concept. It only requires that we burn more calories than we take in. While sometimes helpful, structured diets aren’t necessary to lose weight. However, the one thing that I find crucial to losing weight and keeping it off is support from friends and family. Without this kind of support, failure is almost certain.

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