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The Flat Belly Code

Weight Loss With Body Wraps

Losing weight using herbal body wraps is not a very new concept, it has been a craze for a couple of years now. You are probably wondering if they actually work because we have always been told that there are no easy ways to lose weight – besides the dangerous surgeries and pills. Truth is that body wraps actually work, otherwise how can you explain them being so popular and so many people going for them? Read on to find out just how these wraps work.

Safety Concerns About Thermogenic Supplements: Are They Safe?

Since their introduction, thermogenic supplements have been one of the hottest (or most controversial) products for weight loss. Many people around the world have expressed their concern about these products, but there is no stopping manufacturers to create, promote, and sell them. The question is, should you resort to thermogenics to lose weight? Find out more in this article.

Postpartum Exercise – How And When To Start Exercising After Pregnancy

Most new mothers start on a journey to lose weight immediately after pregnancy. Sometimes this haste can bring about a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and also harm the body. In this article learn about when and how to start with postpartum exercises. Learn to approach your weight loss in a proper way. Following the right guidelines will not only help you lose weight but also keep it off forever.

That Which Makes You Fat: Ghrelin the Gremlin

Have you ever felt like just eating and eating and eating… and eating for no particular reason? You are not hungry, not depressed, not anxious, you just want to eat. And so you do. Until your stomach swells up like a scared puffer fish. And then afterwards, you sit back and contemplate why the heck you just ate so much (and maybe cry a little bit at the thought of how much gym time it’ll will cost you to make up.) I am here to tell you: there’s a reason for that.

Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

Many fitness practitioners work hard towards achieving their goals, which oftentimes incorporates shedding those few extra pounds. The practices of maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring a complete and healthy diet are the most effective methods to achieving those goals, but every now and then there are those that feel they need an extra boost to help them burn away that excess fat.

Weight Loss Secrets: Counting Calories

The calorie originated in the 19th century as a measurement of heat, and today is mostly used to track the energy potential of the foods we eat. The best thing about calories is that they seem to be everywhere. They are measurable, quantifiable, and the data on them is readily available.

Reach Your Goals – Supercharge Your Motivation!

We’re only human, and sometimes we just don’t feel like going to the gym. Or sometimes you want to enjoy a pizza and brewski (soda for you youngsters) out with your friends. It’s moments like these that you need an extra boost of motivation. Here’s how you’ll get it…

How I Lost Close To 100 Pounds Following These Simple Tips

Are you tired of being overweight? Or are you looking for the answer to what the best way to lose weight might be? 3 years ago, I sure was. I decided to embark on a journey to not only learn the best way to lose weight but to change the way I live my life.

Low Carb Restaurant Tips

So, you are on a low carb diet and doing quite well. You have accomplished this by adhering closely to the fundamentals and making sure that temptations are minimized. Just when all is going so well, your best friends invites you to dinner.

Weight Loss and the Real World

The real world is a strange place. Research into weight loss doesn’t happen here. It happens in some world the psychologists have made up. The results should be transferable – but are they? How valuable are the scientists’ findings about what you need to do in order to lose weight? How much do they take into account the everyday pressures that you experience when you aren’t sitting in a lab eating as many cookies as you want? They offer advice, but is it really practical…

Zumba Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Zumba offers you a complete body workout, by taking a mixture of movements and intertwining them with some great music. Zumba Fitness originated from the mixture of an international dance style with Latin moves of dance.

5 Effective Weight Loss Tips For A Leaner, Sexier You

While it is true that a woman’s body stores up, and at the same time, burns less fat than a man’s body, but it is not at all impossible for a woman to lose weight. In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 most effective tips you can use to slim down and feel sexier fast!

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