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9 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

There are many new claims about foods that help you lose weight. But, what’s really true is one thing many intend to uncover. Though there are many on this list, let us take a look at the top few and proven foods that help you lose weight, without any adverse effects.

Do You Want To Know HOW To Diet The Correct Way? Here Are 5 INCORRECT Ways, FYI

There are right ways… and wrong ways… to go about “dieting”. The “right and wrong” has to do with success and failure. There are mountains of diets out there vying with each other for your money. How can one choose the correct way so as to lose weight and keep it off? We’re suffering from diet information overload… let’s filter out the mis-information…

What Exercises Should I Do?

You want to lose weight and you know that you have to exercise, but you don’t know where to begin? Let me help you.

Take Your Weight Loss Dreams Back Off The Shelf

Losing weight is something that you can accomplish. You will be able to achieve if you follow these suggestions, you just need to go step by step and just believe in yourself and visualize daily being at your desired weight.

Role of Genetics in Weight Loss and Fat Burning

For weight loss and muscle building it is essential that you know your body type. In the absence of this vital information you cannot chalk out the right strategy to lose weight and you will be left wondering why you fat does not burn….

Begin to Lose Weight Now!

You want to lose weight but you don’t know where to begin? Here are simple but effective tips to help you lose weight right away.

Good Weight Loss Programs in Isolated Areas

Thoughts often drift to weight loss in the wintertime, when there is more time to think of ways to take care of our body and health. Thinking about the advent of spring and lighter, shorter clothing may account for those thoughts. Casual chic comes back in style as tennis shoes and flats become the footwear of choice rather than warm fleece-lined boots.

Simple Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for so many different reason. But it can be difficult to achieve in today’s world. With everything aimed at making our lives more efficient and less physically demanding, it can be hard to maintain a healthy living standard.

How Much Green Tea Should You Take For Weight Loss?

Taking green tea for weight loss (or taking supplements containing extracts from green tea) is one of the fastest growing segments of the weight loss world. The sales of green tea and supplements containing these extracts are growing at an astonishingly fast pace. Why is green tea the new diet wonder product? It’s because people who have used the product can see that it works.

Mashed Potato Diet – Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as the mashed potato diet? I would like to say you can just eat a diet of potatoes and lose weight, but you and I know, that isn’t going to happen. There is however a way of eating certain potato based recipes and losing weight. Interested? Please read on.

You May (or May Not) Keep Your Weight Off After A Successful Weight-Loss Diet

Can you keep your weight off after dieting? What are the factors that predict your success? Would your weight-maintenance diet meal plan require additional support? Find the answers here and follow the proven recommendations.

6 Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions: Long-Term, Sustained Weight Loss

Don’t get caught in the endless cycle of counting calories, avoiding fat, and exhausting yourself on the treadmill. It’s a dead-end road and you’ll be making the same weight loss New Years resolutions every year. Instead, try a more balanced approach that gives your body the routine, regularity and balance that it needs for long-term, sustainable weight loss.

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