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5 Tips for Natural Lasting Weight Loss

How to lose weight without dieting. 5 top tips for natural and effective weight loss.

Keys to Weight Loss, Part One

For many of us, getting on the scales after the holidays can be a reality check. I know I gained a pound and a half just from four days of Thanksgiving feasting! Hey, someone had to polish off those delicious leftovers, right?

Weight Loss Tips That Really Work, Part Two

In the first set of tips in this series, I wrote about how a healthy breakfast with plenty of fiber will help kick off your weight loss and give you a great start to your day. However, two-thirds of the day still remains, and if you don’t have an eating plan for lunch and dinner, you run the risk of sabotaging all the good effort you put into creating and consuming a healthy breakfast. Have you ever looked closely at what skinny women eat for lunch?

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

In some cultures around the world, a few extra pounds around the waist are acceptable, even desirable, proving that the chubby person is wealthy enough to buy plenty of food. The problem is you don’t live in a culture like that. In fact, no matter what your culture says, you personally find that ring around your waist to be both unsightly and unacceptable.

9 Tips to Stay Slim This Holiday Season

There are so many parties that center around food during the holidays from family feasts, office parties & brunches with friends. This will break your normal routine and encourage you to indulge in foods that are high in sugar, fat and low in the needed nutrients. You must enjoy the holiday season with reason. Take a look at my following 9 tips that will help you stay slim this holiday season.

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Now!

Everyone can lose weight, so long as they take the right steps. You will find some good tips here to help you along your way.

More Techniques For Rapid Weight Loss

Everywhere these days it is all about quick weight loss tips and tricks. Many people worldwide want and need to lose weight to improve their health and appearance. Here are the most natural weight loss techniques…

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Is The Most Effective Way

Healthy eating for weight loss is the most effective and efficient way not only to lose weight (permanently), but to remain healthy. It’s a sad fact that most weight loss programmes don’t consider your health. Let’s examine some of the most popular ways to lose weight, ways which can actually harm you.

How to Stay Motivated on a Weight Loss Diet

You have probably told yourself time and time again, “This is a weight loss diet that I can stick with.” A month or so down the line you are saying the same thing about a different diet. So why is it so hard to stay motivated when attempting to lose weight? It is because diets do not work!

Secrets to Rapid Fat Loss ( The Importance of Muscle)

NEWS FLASH: LEAN MUSCLE SPIKES METABOLISM. Every ounce of lean muscle you carry burns calories just sitting there 24/7, because it is active tissue. Here is the MAGIC FORMULA: “STRENGTHEN AND BUILD YOUR MUSCLE.” Now you have calorie burning machinery melting away your fat all day long!

Simple Steps to Lose Fat With Proper Nutrition (Part 1, Eat Enough)

Let me share a story with you. I have a client named Shane who at the ripe age of 32 years old was told that if he did not change his ways and lose weight that he would be a likely candidate for heart disease and diabetes.

Simple Steps to Lose Fat With Proper Nutrition (Part 2, Pre/Post Workout, Protein, and Calories)

Proper nutrition before and after training helps you burn more body fat because the right nutrition will improve your workouts and your recovery. By eating a small easy-to-digest protein and carbohydrate meal before training you perform at your best, which gives your body the signals to improve fitness, muscle tone, and burn the fat.

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