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The Flat Belly Code

Diet Studies – Who Do You Believe?

Who do you trust when you look at the results of diets. Advertised results are almost always accompanied by the disclaimer “results seen here are not typical.” Can you really trust what you’re being told?

7 Weight Loss Myths Exposed

When people are desperate to lose a few pounds, they will believe almost anything they hear, hoping for a quick fix! Want the truth about weight loss myths? then read on how they actually slow your progress rather than aid it…

Is There A Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

One of the most stubborn parts of the body for retaining unwanted fat is the stomach area. Many people struggle with unwanted weight around their stomachs. If you are beginning any weight loss effort, you’re probably wondering about the best way to lose belly fat.

Five Reasons to Restart Your Fitness Regime

The coming of the Fall season brings cooler weather here in the Midwest. The leaves begin to change color and I find I must change (eliminate) some of my excuses for falling off my exercise program. I can no longer claim it is too hot to take a 30 minute walk. I also can no longer use ‘heat in the kitchen’ as a reason not to prepare meals ahead of time.

Rapid Fat Loss: Who Wins – The Tortoise or the Hare?

Conventional wisdom tells us that rapid fat loss is a bad idea. Not only do we fail to keep the weight off, but it’s also a bad idea for our health and wellbeing. But is that the whole story? Or is it another one of those diet and nutrition myths that have been perpetuated by the media without any real evidence?

Faster EFT and Weight Loss

Faster EFT will help you loose weight without starving yourself with failure-prone diets. Many overweight and obese people suffer from loneliness, depression and poor self-esteem. Faster EFT will heal that suffering and in turn reduce the need to eat to relieve emotional pain.

5 Top Weight Management Tips for Women Over 50

Reaching the 50-year milestone, as I have, things can change dramatically and quite fast. In fact, most women can be caught completely off guard as to what is really happening. Maybe a few pounds appear on the scale, their mood changes a little, or your face flushing or sweating a bit more than usual or not being able to sleep. Weight loss is usually the first worry, but I can assure you that weight management is critical at this juncture. At first glance it appears that menopause is a big contributing factor, but,it’s not the only reason. Read on how you can manage your weight after 50.

Burning Belly Fat: Best Way to Quicken Fat Loss

So, you have tried everything for burning belly fat? Still can’t get rid of it? Well, chances are, you are one of the millions out there who have and are still committing the same mistakes. In this article, I am going to share with you a few secrets of how to induce express fat loss. By the time you are done reading this article, you will know the best strategy for weight loss.

Diet And Exercise Make Us Gain Weight

Despite all the advice from the diet and fitness experts and all the products from diet, exercise and fitness companies, we still have a weight control problem in this country. And I don’t know about you, but despite their claims, I haven’t gotten any better looking from using their stuff.

Mastering Portion Control for Healthier Living

Mastering portion control is one skill you must obtain and consistently practice if you want to lose weight. There are certain prerequisites for portion control mastery. Learn these necessary skills by heart if you want to master portion control, the key to achieving and maintaining your elusive ideal weight.

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

The holidays are a fun time, but they can also be very stressful, especially if you are trying to lose weight. If you have a plan, you can get through the season with you health and your sanity. Here are some simple ways to stay healthy this holiday season.

Why Receiving Eating Disorder Therapy Is Better Than Facing Overeating by Yourself

Deciding to receive eating disorder therapy can be a huge step in your life. You may feel that you have the resources to face this challenge on your own. You say to yourself that you have support from those who are close to you. However, finding a therapist qualified in eating disorder therapy can be extremely helpful in achieving success.

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