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Boosting Metabolism for Weight Loss – Beware These Common Myths

People who try to lose weight want to see sustainable results, yet they fall prey to quick-fix solutions like fad diets and misinformation about how to boost metabolism. Taking diet pills, lowering calorie intake and not exercising correctly are common mistakes brought on by weight loss myths. Avoiding these and going with tried and tested, permanent strategies for losing weight is the sensible way to go.

“Personal Patience” – Overcoming Fat, the Weight Loss Disease

Patience is a funny thing, we all say we have it but our actions say differently. We need patience daily but a lot of us don’t practice it, especially with the one person we should practice it the most, and that’s with ourselves.

The Different Types of Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

There are many different weight loss procedures to choose from when deciding to undergo bariatric surgery. In this article, I will explain the three most common types of weight loss surgery procedures and how they differ from each other.

Weight Loss – Be Healthy

This article describes how the author lost 40 pounds in 3 months following his doctor’s orders. It’s not for everyone, only for people who actually want to lose weight, for people who don’t use ‘diet’ as a conversation piece, but really want to do it. Anybody can do this and it’s free.

New Year, New Diet for Weight Loss?

Eating a balanced diet is so crucial for weight loss nutrition, yet many people neglect this and go chasing crash and fad diets. Without luck in getting slim, they end up making themselves sick and may suffer serious medical problems due to poor nutrition. Stop looking for magic diets or short cuts and start planning for a sound weight loss program to deliver on your new year resolutions.

Exclusive Women’s Leg and Butt Toning – Beginner to Advanced

From my experience, toned legs and a nice butt are always one of the top priorities for women when they list their fitness goals. Below is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced leg and butt toner program which is included in most of my boot camp classes & personal training. Do this workout two to three times per week to receive maximum benefits!

5 Behavior Changes for Permanent Weight Loss

Research shows people who achieve permanent weight loss, even if they start out on a diet, leave it behind pretty quickly in order to create a unique, personal lifestyle change. They begin to change their own individual behaviors that impact their weight, instead of focusing on food.

Drop a Dress Size In 2 Weeks With These Simple Weight Loss Tips

If you really think it over, losing weight doesn’t take a huge amount of time. It’s just maths and you can even follow a formula. Basically, you burn more calories than you take in. That’s the basic formula to losing weight. Here are a few tips that will help you drop a dress size in just 2 weeks.

How To Cut Through the Gimmicks and Lose Real Weight

This article takes a logical look at weight loss. Examine the input/output equation in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Calculating The Amount Of Calories To Lose Weight

To evaluate how many calories you should consume in order to keep track of your weight, calculating the amount of calories needed to lose weight is very essential. Total caloric needs is the amount of calories you need to consume each day to maintain weight.

How To Get Six Pack Abs – Easier Than You Think!

Getting a good set of six pack abdominal muscles is the holy grail of losing weight. Everybody who embarks on a weight loss journey must have thought of wanting to eventually end up with six pack abs. A good set of defined abs seems to elude most people.

Weight Loss – The Natural Way

Losing weight is a tedious task especially if you are a woman. Losing weight from thighs and hips is the most difficult task. With so many weight loss techniques available in the market, it becomes a mountain climbing task for anyone to decide which technique to choose and which to leave.

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