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How the Good Fats Diet Can Help You Lose Weight and Increase Your Brain Power

Statistics vary between 62% and 84% but it’s no secret millions of people put “losing weight” at the top of their New Year’s Resolutions. Few maintain their resolution for more than 3 weeks but if you adopt the healthy eating of the good fats diet, you could shed pounds and improve your brain.

How To Optimize Your Health And Fitness With The Power Of Visualization

Peak performers have been using visualization and imagery for decades to enhance their performance and success in life. If you can close your eyes and picture a dog, you can visualize. When you can hear the dog barking and feel its fur, you can use imagery.

What Is The Missing Key In Many Weight Loss Programs? Accountability

One of the many benefits of using a personal trainer, a coach, or a financial advisor is that they keep you accountable on a regular basis. You can keep yourself accountable by utilizing a win-list. Basically create a list of the items to do daily and weekly to get to your goals. Then every night, check off the actions you successfully accomplished.

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? I’d Like to Help

OK, everyone! The holidays are almost over. It’s time to start thinking about the New Year! (I know, I know. You are still in a party mood. You don’t have to do anything…..yet!) But you should be starting to think about what you want to accomplish in 2012. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to take better care of yourself? Do you want to feel better? Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want a better job? A better relationship?

Get The Great Feeling Resulting From Flawlessly Toned Abs

Spending hours in a gym and working endlessly on those abdominal muscles have never done much for us. The biggest health hazards in our midriff region are the two varieties of fat that tend to encompass our entire abdominal area. If your exercise isn’t getting rid of this fat, it isn’t really doing much to keep you healthy.

Bacteria in Your Stomach Could Be Making You Fat!

Struggling to lose weight? New research shows that bacteria that live in our intestinal tract could be keeping us overweight as well as causing other health conditions.

Diet Chef Review – An Expanding Business in a Reducing Market!

You may never have heard of Diet Chef but if you take a look around at the UK business press and online forums you will find that they are a company that has grown at a phenomenal rate in the less than 4 years since it was founded, to the position of the biggest diet home delivery company in the UK. Diet Chef also recently came third in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 league table of top private companies. Diet Chef was founded by Kevin Dorren, a trained Chef and his partner Andrew Veitch.

Diets For Losing Belly Fat Fast – 2 Types Of Diets That Naturally Melt Away Fat Very Quickly

Do you ironically get a stomach ache trying to find diets for losing belly fat? I know I did! It’s difficult these days trying to find a diet that works because many of the programs are either too difficult, too dangerous, or too unnatural. This in turn causes people not to get the results they hoped for… along with spending a TON of money and getting side-effects! So what gives? Is there anything out here that actually works?

Simple And Powerful Steps To Change Habits

Using Imagery for Habit Changing First off, know that you want to replace your habit, not break your habit. Its much easier to focus on doing something instead of not doing something. A great method for speeding up habit changes is to imagine your new actions (habits) leading to your desired outcome.

I Can Show You How To Stop Sugar Cravings After a Holiday

If you are anything like me, you suffer from intense sugar cravings after a holiday, vacation, or other special event where you decided to indulge in high sugary foods. Most recently for me, it was Aunt Irene’s graham cracker cream pie (my beloved father’s favorite). It tastes great and brings back many fond memories for me. But what if that indulgence sends me on a sugar high that I can’t get off of? Not to worry! If you always wondered how to stop sugar cravings, here is 3 step process that works anywhere, anytime. Read on for the details.

Why You Should Throw Away Your Scales If You Want to Get Slimmer

As a a fitness professional who has been helping people lose body fat for the last 3 years of the first things my potential clients tell me is that they want to “lose weight”. What most people actually mean when they say this is that they want to lose body fat.

Coconut Oil Diet – Is It Healthy?

In its search for a perfect diet, the world has tried practically anything and everything. The realization of the benefits of coconut oil is a part of that search. The Coconut Oil Diet is based on the coconut rich diets of South Pacific cultures. Coconut oil is also the standard cooking medium in the coastal areas of practically all South Asian countries.

The Flat Belly Code

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