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The Flat Belly Code

Scary Halloween Leftovers

I hope you were strong. I hope you didn’t let the diabolical marketers who put the Halloween candy out in July or August entice you into buying it, seeing it around the house, and then eating it so you were forced to buy it again. Personally, I think there should be a law that stores cannot put Halloween candy displays out before September 15th (or later). Write your representative.

5 Best Fitness Exercises That Will Help You Burn Calories Fast

Activities that use the largest muscle groups of the body and performed continuously usually will burn calories fast in the greatest amount. Intensity and duration are the two key determinants of total energy lost – calories burnt. Activities in which you may be able to exercise continuously at a fairly high intensity for a prolonged period will maximize your total caloric lost.

Supercharge Your Workout to Burn More Fat

These easy, practical tips turn your average workout into an intensive fat burning one. Most of the advice requires only minimal changes to be made, but rest assured that these minor alterations beget significant improvements.

Burn Thigh Fat Now: Fast, Simple and Effective Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

If you’ve been trying to rid your thighs of fat, you may be unaware that to do this successfully you must to target several major muscle groups; the quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. The following workout tests all of these and each exercise engages multiple muscles groups, giving you a specifically designed plan that gets results fast.

Muscle Leanness – The Importance of Dietary Calcium and Dairy

First off, let me just start by saying it is unfortunate if you cannot eat dairy because you are lactose intolerant or have difficulty digesting milk protein. An increasing number of scientific studies are finding a link between dietary calcium and increased muscle leanness and reduced body fat.

Popular Diet Programs Can Be Harmful To The Body

We have all seen or heard of the popular diet and weight loss plans that promise a rapid loss of weight, pounds and inches just melting off, and all in record time. These diets are what we call fad diets. The biggest problem with this type of weight loss plan is that their fat reducing effects are only temporary and in most cases the weight is regained as quickly as it left.

How to Lose Fat Fast: Your Route to A Leaner, More Toned Body

Doubtless you’ll have seen and perhaps even investigated the many weight loss plans and diets that promise to help you shed the pounds. If so, you’ll have noticed that the majority of these regimes rely on complex formulae, calorie counting or quick fix solutions. The following advice does none of this; read on to cut through the jargon and fat busting myths and discover how you can lose fat fast.

How to Lose Weight Really Fast the Healthy Way

Many people all over the world are looking for the solution how to lose weight really fast and healthy without much efforts. The only method to lose weight fast and healthy is to decrease your calorie consumption and add more time for physical exercise.

Hidden Fats – Fat Traps

We all know that fried foods and rich desserts are high in fat. But what about salads? Popcorn without butter? Even these innocent-looking foods can be fat traps if you don’t know what to look for. To lose weight, or to maintain your current weight, learn where fats may be lurking in your diet. Since fats have more than twice the calories per gram of proteins or carbohydrates, limiting fat is a sure way to cut calories.

Five (5) Common Diet Mistakes You Could Be Making

This article informs the reader on common mistakes made by dieters, counter-productive to their goal. It also provides readers with guidance on the best diet approach going forward for positive results.

Are You a New Athlete? Top Nutrition Tips to Follow

If you’re a new athlete, you may not be sure how to fuel your body to get the best results. Also, you don’t have to replenish your body like experienced athletes at this point because you are probably working towards some weight loss goals.

Ways To Lose Belly Fat After Giving Birth

It is joy and celebration after giving birth because you can now proudly be called a mother. You may however be sad and disappointed if your belly becomes extended thus causing you to lose the beautiful shape you had before giving birth.

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