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Intermittent Fasting and the Paleo Diet

An introduction to Intermittent Fasting and how it can help you overcome plateaus in your quest to lose weight with the Paleo Diet. I go over some of the benefits, and how to get yourself started.

Find Out Some Easy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Weight loss and fitness have become the key terms in the current times when you come across the web regarding health. People are concerned about their physical image primarily and prefer staying slim and fit. It is also a desire for them to dress up in different costumes that fits them well. To keep all these desires alive, they obviously need to reduce their weight. If you need to lose weight quickly, you need to monitor your weight on a regular basis.

Simple Tips Are Here On How To Lose Weight Fast

People have different desires in their life. But, good health is the greatest value they give to their life and wish to have for long. When it comes to good health it is more about physical fitness and well being. When people are very much worried about their physical structure and weight, they just reduce the quantity of food they consume. It is unsafe to eat less in the name of diet.

Burn More Fat – The Final 5 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Faster

The final article of the series wraps up some very basic ways we can burn fat faster, beginning today. These foods that burn fat and daily habits will help you lose weight. Begin using these in your daily routine to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Is Gastric Plication the ‘Sleeve’ Killer?

With little clinical data to prove the hypothetic statement-gastric plication is more effective and safer than gastric sleeve-as true, aren’t bariatric surgeons and patients getting a little ahead of themselves in choosing plication over sleeve? And so much so that gastric plication is hailed as ‘sleeve killer’ in the inner circle of the bariatric surgery world? “It is true that gastric plication is becoming increasingly popular with both surgeons and patients.

Top Ten Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

In the past century, dieting has become a fad of kinds. Liquid, Fruit, Atkins, GM – these are names which are synonymous with dieting today. Estimates say that in the last decade 70% of adult females have tried at least one kind of diet. However, there is no evidence to suggest that these would have worked in the same ratio. More often than not, diets turn into failures as everybody has a different metabolism rate and it is not compulsory that one diet that showed results for some would do the same for all.

The Pitfalls of Snacking While Cooking

When it comes to improving the choices and decisions you make throughout the entire day, it is the small things that truly allow an individual to be successful and lose the weight they so desperately want to be rid of. When you focus on all the little things and take care of those situations that can potentially add a bucketful of calories into our system, you will have a better chance of reaching your goal. Even though snacking while cooking may seem like a small insignificant matter, it is a cumulative pitfall which is a habit you should break.

Are Weight Loss Exercises The Same For Women And Men?

This is a fairly common question among women. Almost all weight loss products claim to work the same for both genres but science has proven that they are completely different. Fat burning exercises for women are meant to be customized due to the differences in terms of anatomy when compared to men.

Carb Consumption Safe Zones

Many folks wonder about carbohydrate consumption in relation to weight-loss. There are several studies with differing standpoints on the topic, but from my experience, and the results I have seen with my clients – low-carb is usually the way to go. How low should you go? Take a peak at my Carb Consumption Safe Zones chart and find out.

Goal Setting and Recording – First Step to a Healthy Life

The first of 3 articles describing how set effective goals in your journey to healthy living. A tried and tested guide showing the first steps for people wanting to start living a new healthy lifestyle. Whether it be weight loss or simply wanting to become more active and eat more healthily, this article gives you the building blocks to make that change.

Burn More Fat – 5 Easy Ways To Burn Fat Faster

Burning belly fat isn’t just about the foods that burn fat or the exercises that burn fat. A great deal of our bodies fat burning potential also has to do with the day-to-day activities we do. Here is a short list on ways to burn fat faster.

What Foods Effect Your Bone Density (and Why You Should Care About It)

Bone density is particularly important for women where there is a history of osteoporosis in your family. It is something you can absolutely do something about and the earlier you start the better.

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