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Superfood: Spirulina

Maybe you haven’t heard about the superfood spirulina yet, but its multiple health benefits might surprise you. Spirulina (Artgrisoura platensis) is an algae that grows in spirals of a green-blue color with a mild taste. Its history goes back to Aztecs who harvested it in Mexico.

Health Benefits of Quinoa – How to Add More Quinoa to Your Diet

The superfood quinoa(KEEN-wah) has recently become popular in healthy restaurants and homes. Since quinoa is a vegetable seed and not a grain, it is low in carbohydrates, low in sodium, high in protein, high in antioxidants and gluten free. Lets take a look at why this seed is considered a superfood.

Taking Care of Your Gut

In our modern society where knowledge is so advanced and there have been amazing results produced by our medical system, our people still manage to develop life-threatening diseases without even knowing the cause. The saying, “death begins in the colon” has been credited to the Greek physician, Hippocrates, as far back as 460 B.C. If this is true, and there is plenty of evidence to verify the truth in this statement, then it certainly makes sense that we need to be taking care of our gut!

Are Foods a Key To Your Moods?

People often eat in response to their moods. But the reverse can also be true: What we eat, and when, can affect our moods, our thinking, our work productivity, and more. This article covers the food/mind/mood connection.

Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Ketchup?

When going on a diet, the first things you are advised to cut down and watch out for are dressings and condiments. And with good reason; condiments and spices can sneak in quite a punch where your calories are concerned. Going on a diet means pushing these bottles to the back of the pantry cupboard- out of sight and out of mind, especially the ketchup.

Are You Getting Enough Choline?

Choline has been labeled a shortfall nutrient. Include a variety of choline-rich foods in your daily diet to make sure you are fueling your body for optimum performance.

Nutrition Bars: Are They Really Nutritious?

There are days when you might feel tempted to grab a quick meal and that is when, a nutrition bar will come in handy. Nutrition bars have become hugely popularly because they are easy to carry and also offer nutritional boost.

Hot Dessert Ideas: Brighten Up Your Day With Healthy And Easy Chinese Desserts

Delicious Chinese dessert soups offer healthier alternatives to the excessively sweet treats enjoyed by Americans. You may include at least two, and as many as five ingredients with flavors that complement each other in a single dessert. Rock sugar or honey is often used as as a natural sweetener in such desserts. For instance, the Asian pear dessert soup comprises of 3 ingredients, and is best taken for coughs and the flu. Besides, the apple and hawthorn berry dessert soup is good for your spleen and in spring cleaning your diet. As for the longan and edible lily bulb dessert soup,, which contains the maximum of 5 ingredients, it is a healing tonic soup for multiple health purposes. Finally, the simple lotus seed dessert soup is taken to dispel heat trapped in your body. These dessert soups can liven up an otherwise monotonous plant-based diet.

10 Ways to Add Summer Fruit to Your Diet

Living in a colder climate, I find summer to be a wonderful time of year for delicious fresh food. The cost and availability of fresh produce is limited in the winter months and now is the time to enjoy what is in season. We get a variety of nutrients from different foods and changing with the seasons can help you to have variety in taste as well as nutrition throughout the year.

Prepare Good Food To Eat Or Settle For Less-Than Healthy Convenience Foods?

Plant-based meals require some preparatory work right from purchase of whole foods, to rinsing and cutting up vegetables and fruits. In cooking natural foods, there are plenty of options that involve using a lot of water. These are actually healthy cooking methods that help preserve your youth. Regarding raw foods, fruits and vegetables must be rinsed properly before eaten whole or taken as juiced drinks. Most assuredly, the rewards of careful preparation of whole foods are radiant health and a clear complexion. On the other hand, making do with convenience foods which need no preparation will result in poor health and premature aging. Presently, there are living testimonies of women whose health takes a turn for the better when they omit the junk food from their diet.

Green Tea Update

The benefits of green have not been disputed, but there have been recent articles about lead and the effect of the tea extract on the liver, so its time for an update. “Greener tea benefits your health as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, antihypertensive, brain protector as well as lowers cholesterol.(1)” We also know that it has a long list of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Including Spices Into Your Diet to Lower Inflammation

Many underlying conditions can cause inflammation in your body. Arthritis is a major source of inflammation as are other autoimmune diseases. Inflammation is a product of your body’s immune system releasing white blood cells and other chemicals that can actually cause more harm than good. If our immune system would be in a top condition at all time illness wouldn’t be able to interfere with our health. The immune system consists of different functions, such as a body detoxification system, the inflammatory and anti inflammatory system, as well as its antioxidant system. If imbalance occurs in any of those systems by not getting the right nutrients, this will increase the risk of any illness to develop, even cancer.

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