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Can I Eat Whatever I Want If I Exercise a Bunch?

“So what can I do for you?” I asked. This was a few years ago in my clinical practice days. My client was about 30 years old, male, lean and wirey. He answered quickly. “I need to run,” he said. Now, I’m a word guy. My wife thinks I’m a bit concrete when it comes to words, and well, she’s right, sometimes I am. You know how that goes. “You ALWAYS….” and insert whatever you want afterward. And I say, “Always? Really?” Of course she’s just trying to make a point and I’m trying to be clear. It works itself out. So, when I heard the word “need”, my “word light” came on. And I dive right into it. Head first. “Need? Need to run? And why is that?” I asked. Of course you probably know the answer, right? He needed to run to balance his love of food. Read more to find out why this is a huge mistake.

What Are Weight Reduction Tablets?

While often used synonymously and interchangeably, the two terms “appetite suppressing pills” and “weight reduction tablets” may not necessarily mean the same. In fact, contrary to the popular belief, there are marked differences between the two. Let’s discover how.

How to Get Fit Fast – No Slow-Mo Cardio!

Here’s a shocker – the typical slow -mo, “target zone” cardio that has been exposed by the experts for years, is not the best method to get fit fast or for fat loss – far from it? In fact, in my opinion, not only is it boring, it can be counter-productive, by burning muscle and thereby slowing the metabolism. Surprised? Well hold on – I’ll explain.

How To Lose Weight Without Excessive Hunger

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. The way to lose weight effectively is to “eat less and exercise more.” The truth, however, may surprise you, and I’ve lost over 72 pounds proving it.

Top Five Lazy Ways To Lose Weight That Really Work

For the majority of people out there that want to lose weight but have a hard time finding the time to exercise, there are simple strategies that you can use to lose weight. While some people may call these strategies lazy, they really are smart. Because you will be taking advantage of the activities that you are already doing during your day and tweaking them to boost your metabolizm and lose weight.

Easing Back Into Eating After Your Weight Loss Surgery

No matter what kind of weight loss surgery you have had, the size of your new pouch limits the amount of food you can eat at one time. Before surgery, your stomach was approximately the size of your fist, with the ability to expand and stretch. After surgery, your pouch is much smaller and may only hold a few ounces of food at one time. If you have had GBP, your pouch is about the size of an egg. It cannot stretch like your old stomach, so because your food intake is limited, the food that enters your pouch needs to be nutritious.

Bad Foods?

Everyone has faced the temptation of foods that are bad for us. They seem to be everywhere we turn. Restaurants and grocery stores put the desert counter right in front of our faces.

Top 5 Tips To Help You Lose Belly Fat Fast

Having a sexy midsection is great for your appearance and your health. The difference between stomach flab and stomach fab is discipline. Only by managing your total health and making the necessary sacrifices can you lose belly fat fast- and permanently. Fortunately, losing belly fat is as simple as following five vital fitness tips.

Weight Loss Made Easy In 9 Simple Steps

Let’s face it. Losing weight poses as a significant challenge to most people. It requires a diligent commitment and a lot of self-discipline. There are ways to make losing weight easier and to set yourself up for success instead of repeated disappointments. Here are nine simple ways to better arm yourself in the war against weight and put your goals within reach.

How Much Working Out Is Enough to Lose Weight?

Anybody who has ever considered losing weight has thought about this question. How much exercise is enough? Let’s begin with the basics. Weight loss requires a steady reduction in the body’s calorie load. In other words, a person can only lose weight if they burn more calories than they consume.

A Quick Detox for Weight Loss

Detoxification is all about resting the body’s internal organs, and then cleaning and nourishing them from the inside out. By eliminating toxins from your body, and then feeding it with wholesome, healthy nutrients, the body is thus helped to get rejuvenated and better able to ward off common diseases and maintain optimal health. We live in an age when chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, food preservatives and many more have become a part of life….

Losing Problem Area Fat – “The Obvious Secret”

Have you tried everything to get rid of that stubborn fat!? Whether it’s stuck on your thighs, butt, hips or waist, there’s likely one strategy you are yet to attempt. A strategy that burns fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Targetting your HORMONES.

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