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7 Easy Healthy Snacks – Helping You Conquer Cravings

The best way I’ve found to conquer cravings is to have the right healthy snacks available at all times. Willpower won’t do. You may successfully fight off your cravings for a while, but food cravings are driven by biological needs. Your body is craving nourishment. This is a force that will totally overcome the strongest willpower.

Basics of Food Management

Good health is the result of conscious commitment that involves many factors like the food we eat, exercises, mental well-being, rest and sleep. Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to good nutrition.

Meat-Eaters Beware!

Do you know how much meat you can eat for optimum health? Or maybe you should not eat any meat and be a vegetarian! Can you get all the protein your body needs if you don’t eat any meat at all? Can you eat so much meat that it could actually cause you some health problems?

How to Choose a Good Quality Organic Ghee

I discovered the wonders of ghee when I first started out on my own personal quest for optimal digestive wellness. I have been using it now for around five years and due to its long shelf life, nutritional benefits and amazing culinary flexibility, it has almost totally replaced the use of butter and many other cooking oils in my home.

Is A Gluten-Free Diet for You?

A gluten-free diet? Is it a fad or is it something that just about everybody should be on? Should you be on it? Should I be on it? And how hard is it to actually follow such a plan? I have heard some very positive comments about eating gluten-free and decided to learn more about it.

Signs and Symptoms You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is necessary. We can get it from a limited number of foods, from supplements but by and large we get it from the sun. Fairer skin tones only need to be in the sun for a short while to metabolise the sun’s rays.

8 Things You Should Definitely Avoid Like The Plague

The amount of “poisons” on our supermarket shelves today just never ceases to amaze me… even in these enlightened times with more and more scientific and medical research proving beyond any doubt that what we’ve been “force-fed” by the media, the big food corporations and so-called science since the 1960’s, you and your loved ones are still being pushed to take serious risks with your health… while at the same time you’ve been “persuaded” to stop consuming what we all consumed up to that point – because apparently it was all “Unhealthy”… WRONG..!!

Are Breakfast Cliches Your Final Food Frontier?

Breakfast can be a difficult meal for some. It can be tough to get past the traditional views of breakfast, but it might be more healthful to eat “lunch” or “dinner” in the morning.

Paleo Bread Is Easy to Make

Paleo bread could be a challenge for anyone who is interested in eating paleo. But do not worry, there are ways to overcome this challenge. There are many different paleo flours that you could use as a substitute for regular flour. Keep on reading for information on how to solve the paleo bread issue.

Why Can’t I Just Eat What I Want, When I Want? You Can And Still Care For Your Body

Eating what we want, when we want seems to be the mantra of many today especially in the more affluent societies… to wit – North America. The cry of modern-day sociologists is that we can do what we want, when we want and to who we want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. When it comes to caloric intake and health and wellness, we cannot eat what we want, when we want and expect our bodies to perform as they were designed. Eating more wisely and eating for health is a learned habit that must be practiced daily. It is not a matter of self denial, but a matter of knowing how our bodies work in terms of digestion, absorption and elimination of the nutrients with which we fill them. Some nutrients come from the food we ingest and some must come from supplements. Here are some facts and fallacies that will help you make wise decisions.

Do the Switch: How to Go From Processed to Whole Foods

What is processed food? Is it good for your health? Are calories in processed food the same as calories in natural or whole food? How does it affect my weight? When you look at the ingredients label, do you know what these ingredients are?

Food That Helps Promote Healthy Bones

Whether you have problems with weak bones or you just want to make sure that your bones stay strong, diet is crucial. This is true when you are young and still growing, when you are old and your bones are starting to deteriorate, or the time in between those two, when you can build up your bones. There are also exercises and supplements that can help with this, but I will only deal with the benefits that can be achieved from diet.

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