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Can Crossfit Save Your Life?

The time you put in the gym can be used to de-stress yourself and even lose weight. The question arises later on though, if you were in danger could Crossfit save your life? Zach Miller’s story may give you some insight into this.

Eating Healthy for a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a very important part of living a healthy life. A healthy weight is achieved through a healthy lifestyle, complete with an exercise program and diet. Diet and exercise are the two main components for maintaining an ideal weight.

Why Choose A Low Protein Diet?

People with chronic kidney or liver disease, cardiovascular disease and some vascular problems may find that a low protein diet is a requirement of their ongoing health. However, research also shows that some people that are dieting can benefit from this diet to lose weight as well as stay on a weight maintenance program.

Seven Tips To Lose Tummy Fat

The endeavor to lose tummy fat seems to be a continual endeavor for many folks. You could shed pounds rapidly and then the excess weight comes back. Since they don’t invariably impart fixed body fat reduction, many eating plans fall short.

How to Stop Your Sweet Cravings

During my weight loss and diet experience I have found it difficult to stop my cravings for chocolate and sweet tea. These are my favorites. They are loaded with calories which made it hard for me to reach my weight loss goals.

Maintaining Weight Loss Tips

Though you might wish there was another answer, according to some experts, losing those unwanted pounds (and maintaining weight loss) comes down to being able to face setbacks and keep working toward your goal. Persistence is key and will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of weight loss, better cholesterol numbers, lower blood pressure and stable blood sugar levels, not to mention protection from life altering diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and even some cancers.

A New Way To Lose Weight Using Brainwave Entrainment

Losing weight and keeping it off starts in the brain. Stress has a brainwave frequency that induces weight gain. Brainwave entrainment can alter your brainwave frequency to one that promotes weight loss.

Weight Loss Encouragement

Often times we are so concerned and focused on losing weight it becomes overwhelming. We deprive ourselves of too many foods that were once our favorites. We are aching from the pain of exercising and often exhausted, trying to nap whenever possible.

How to Make Your Body Slim

Making your body slim is all about mentality to begin; like anything in life you need to remain positive and need to have the drive to succeed. In order to do this, you must eat smaller amounts but more regularly. Making your body slim requires hard work mentally and physically. Boosting your metabolism is a huge step to make your body slim.

Five Tips to Start Losing Weight Today On Your Diet Plan

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, chowed down on your last piece of chocolate cake and are resolved to “just say no” to second helpings. But if starting a diet was easy, then the country’s obesity rate wouldn’t be so high. Dieting takes equal parts commitment and careful planning.

Paleo Diet and Exercise

The Paleo Diet is much more than an effective means of weight loss. It’s also a lifestyle change that increases overall health and happiness.

Gear You Cardio Toward Your Diet To Get The Best Fat Loss Results – Here’s How

What type of cardio do you do? Are you a low-intensity, long-duration type like jogging for example, or do you prefer sprinting or different types of interval training? Well, it seems that depending on what you put in your body will make a huge impact on what type of cardio is best for you to get lean.

The Flat Belly Code

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