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40 Reasons Why Your Diet Does Work

There was an article in the Daily Mail this week called 40 reasons why your diet doesn’t work. With all the temptation of processed foods and ambiguous information out there it would be nice to hear something positive about our lives. So I decided to write my positive take on the article, 40 positive reasons why your diets do work… because…

Weight Release God’s Way Takes Time – Be Patient

We all want everything FAST! Fast food, fast access, fast turn around time, fast return and fast results. Our appetite for FAST does not change when it comes to our weight release.

Tips for Drinking More Water Throughout the Day

Many of us don’t drink enough water. We know that water is good for us and has health benefits as well as the ability to help us lose weight. However, we still don’t get enough water. Here are some easy ways to drink more water.

How to Burn More Calories Through Cardiovascular Exercise

We all know that Cardiovascular exercises (treadmill, elliptical, walking, jogging, biking, etc) has a tremendous impact on our weight loss efforts. The problem is we don’t want to lose just ANY type of weight. What I want MY CLIENTS doing is MELTING OFF THE FAT!

Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps – Do They Work, Are They Safe, Should You Buy One?

Are post pregnancy belly wraps really a scam? Discover the answer so you can get the most out of your efforts to lose your baby weight.

Proven Habits Of Losing Weight By Following Fat Burning Calculators

Healthy eating for fat burning plays a crucial function in limiting the effect of these significant health issues on your life, both instantly and for the rest of your life. Well-balanced diet dinner plans can begin you on the path to healthy and balanced weight loss.

Why Eating Less Than 1000 Calories Can Stop You Losing Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to reduce the amount of calories you eat to below 1000 a day. Logically you might think that the less you eat, the quicker the weight will come off. However, it does not actually work like this. In this article we will examine why it is a mistake to cut your calorie intake too much.

Five Reasons Not To Diet

Whether to diet or not can be an explosive topic. Just check your favorite weight loss blogs and you will know what I mean. These are five 5 reasons that may stand in your way to diet success. They may surprise you or be really obvious to you. Regardless, they will hinder your dieting if you do not control or at least address them.

Resveratrol Promotes Natural Weight Loss and a Long Healthy Life

In addition to natural weight loss, Resveratrol contributes to greater longevity. See why this super nutrient is gaining so much attention.

Double Your Fat Loss Results

It’s amazing how much you can achieve with simple and (almost!) hassle free additions to your daily routine when following a healthy living programme that will send your results skyrocketing… The real key to weight loss truly is to eat less and exercise more, but that’s a pretty broad statement… what does that actually mean for you and me? eat less what? exercise how often?

Important Information On Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are not at all magic pills that will help you lose quick weight. Therefore, you should never expect such rapid results from weight loss pills.

Everything You Need To Know About Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss is becoming more and more popular these days. We all know that weight loss is an objective for several individuals however rapid weight loss can prove to be a bit detrimental to your overall body.

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