Calorie Counting Is Easy

If you want to lose weight or have to lose weight, calorie counting can help you to slim down until you reach your desired size. Not to mention, calorie counting is really easy to do and effective if you are consistent and can stick with it. So what’s the deal with so many dieters grumbling how calorie counting does not work?

How Being Optimistic Affects Weight Loss

The power of positive thinking and optimism helps to create a kind of confidence that generally creates and sustains a certain degree of motivation needed to reach set goals. However, new studies are today indicating that being optimistic have certain tendencies that may affect one’s chances of effectively losing weight. Being optimistic in life has been shown by several studies to help people have stronger social relationships, become generally happier with life and to have an increased life span partly due to reduced risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, and lower rates of incidences of depression.

7 Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Making plans to enhance your wellness will improve your lifestyle considerably. It’s never too late to enhance your wellbeing and fitness and there are so many things you can use into your way of daily life that will give you achievement.

How To Lose Weight With A Simple Weight Loss Plan

I overheard a woman being asked how she lost so much weight. Her reply was, “Simple, I eat less and move more.” She was right – it is simple. I thought this was a pretty uncomplicated way of doing something about her weight. I also thought she was lucky to have found such a simple weight loss plan that worked. If it could work for her it could work for you.

Can Gluten Intolerance Cause Weight Gain?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to Celiac Disease is, can gluten intolerance cause weight gain? The truth is, yes. Many people believe that because you are not eating foods such as bread, pasta and full fat milk that your weight will drop dramatically, but for some this is not the case. Let me help you understand why being gluten intolerant does not mean instant weight loss.

10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss mission? If not fitting into your jeans isn’t motivating enough to get you back to the gym, here are 10 weight loss motivation tips.

I Finished The Whole30!

My mind was cluttered because my body was cluttered. Yes, poor eating habits crept up on me and my body throwing my mind into a cluttered mess. Something had to give and it had to be something other than the elastic in my sweatpants!

Bring Your Running Home With You

If your like me, you want to start getting into shape, but you find yourself not having the ability to do it. Either you work the entire day away or you just feel embarrassed to get out on the road and run.

How To Develop Relentless Motivation For Fitness (Desire, Part 1)

Desire is the fuel that drives you toward your goal. With it, you can do anything; without it, your actions will have no juice. It was desire that allowed the old woman to lift that car off of her child. It was desire that gave Thomas Edison the fuel to continue experimenting with the creation of the light bulb after 10,000 experiments did not work. When you want something badly enough, nothing-and I mean nothing-will stop you. You will make the time, summon the energy, ask for help, and be sure to prepare and carry out the actions.

Benefits and Risks of a Cleansing Diet

Cleansing diet is particularly common for people who are highly aware of their health. Many toxins in your body have been accumulating through the years. A cleansing diet will eliminate all the toxins out of the body.

Three Reasons Why Ab Exercises Won’t Get You A Six Pack (And How to Get Flat Abs)

There are 3 myths particular to the fitness industry, mostly regarding the relationship between abdominal exercises and how well they help you get a six pack. The truth is that abdominal exercises do not help, and in fact may be harmful to your health. Read on to know why.

Diet Chef Review – Is Diet Chef Right For You?

Thinking about losing weight again? If you are anything like me you will have tried in the past, lost some weight and then dropped back in to your old eating habits and put it all back on again with some extra weight to boot. Having failed in the past wouldn’t it be great to find a new way to shift the pounds but still manage to eat a variety of food?

The Flat Belly Code

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