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The Flat Belly Code

Meal Replacement for Weight Loss – Changing Your Lifestyle

Every day, millions of people try a million different ways to shed pounds. If you feel as though you’ve tried everything, it may be time to consider meal replacement for weight loss.

Professional Personalized Muscle and Nutrition Type Training Can Be Available to the Average Person

The gap between having a professional personalized muscle and nutrition trainer and what’s available to the average punter is closing. Most people (guys especially) try to get the ripped abs look and fail miserably: some even try for years and still fail to get the look. It’s now emerging that it’s not really their fault they just lack the knowledge and techniques.

Tips Avoid Holiday Pounds!

In honor of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I decided to offer some tips for avoiding holiday pounds. I’ve followed these approaches for years and they work great!

Lose Weight Easily By Having Sex

Sex is an amazing exercise to lose weight and offers other remarkable benefits including improved heart rate, increased blood flood, and slowing down the process of aging. It makes you feel attracted when you become slimmer, which in turn increases your sex drive. By enjoying peace of mind in the company of your partner, your stress levels also drop down significantly.

Can You Really Burn Fat While You Nap?

You can burn fat while you rest or sleep naturally. However, this often depends of factors as intensity of the activities you do during the day. Enjoying a snack after dinner interrupts fat metabolism. The best way to burn fat naturally is to ensure you have breakfast 12 hours after dinner.

Top Secrets to Achieve Weight Loss and Lose Fat Fast

The best way to lose weight is subjective to each individual person, but if you apply the best program to suit your needs then you will be ahead of the pack. Let’s discuss some popular training techniques that will help in losing fat fast.

8 Fun Ways to Burn Fat for Busy Moms

Although busy moms often find it difficult to juggle between their responsibilities, shedding a few pounds is not difficult. You can ride a bike with your kids or participate in their games at the park. Eat healthy foods and avoid snacking as this will only hinder your weight loss goals.

How To Take Control Of Your Diet And Your Exercise Regime When Dieting

Weight loss is relatively simple in theory – you just need to eat less food and do more exercise. However it is much harder in reality, for a variety of different reasons, and so this article explains how you can take control of both your diet and your exercise regime in order to successfully slim down.

Want to Lose Weight Fast With Sugar-Free Sweeteners? Think Again!

The idea of weight loss prompts you to stop or reduce the intake of calorie rich foods. The first thing that one leaves is natural sugar and start sweeteners, known to have sweetness yet are calorie free. But is this the right way to lose weight, read on its downside…

Real People Need Real Diets That Work

Don’t fall prey to dangerous weight loss myths. Learn the truth behind these common weight loss misconceptions.

My Calorie Counter Is A Lifesaver!

Completely revamping your daily menu can be a daunting task especially if you are not accustomed to monitoring what you eat. That is why my calorie counter is a lifesaver and has truly helped me adopt the mindset of eating healthy choices and meals that are appropriately portion sized. See how you can easily start using one for FREE!

5 Diet Tips to Curb Cravings and Lessen Appetite

Last week, I was standing at the back of the bus just passing Colorado Blvd. It was a hot 100 degrees outside. I was coming home late in the afternoon after helping set up for an event.

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