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How To Lose Weight Fast At Home And With Little Money – 8 FAQ’s Answered

Want to learn how to lose weight fast at home and without spending a ton of your hard-earned money? Read on to find out how!

Abs Exercises Won’t Drop Belly Fat, But This Will

For years we’ve been told that doing abs workouts on the latest ab machine will drop our belly fat and give us toned abs. They won’t, but here’s what will.

Losing Weight Is Mind Over Matter

I have been helping my clients lose weight for over 4 years now, and the main reason some people cannot lose weight is – they lose motivation. The weight loss starts with your mind. Your thoughts.

Three Steps to Release Emotional Stress Eating

Emotional eating is a common response to stress. Emotional stress eating or drinking habits are patterns formed early in life. Once you are an adult, you can observe where these habits started and choose to change them. You can create new healthy habits that are just as satisfying by using a simple three-step process along with kindness and understanding toward yourself.

Stick to Your New Year’s Diet Resolutions With Metabolism Boosters

Are you one of those die-hard dieters who are either on one diet or have just come off one and are about to begin another? But if you have still not managed to lose the pounds and shed the inches off your waistline, then it’s time you stopped blaming the diet plans and started concentrating on your metabolism instead.

Fast Way To Lose Weight – Keep Your Mind On Fitness and Keep It Off

Well it’s another New Year and after the holidays, we all could benefit from losing some weight. Self motivation is key for keeping fit and weight loss. Stop beating yourself up, forget about why you’re too fat and move forward now. Simply put, agree with yourself that you will be fit. Weight loss will come naturally if your focus is fitness and best off all, you’ll keep it off!

Drinking Tea – How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Tea contains a number of compounds making it act as a powerful antioxidant. These compounds, can help you burn fat and therefore help you lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, if you intend to benefit from the fat fighting capabilities of tea to help you lose weight quickly, you need to seriously consider what you add to your tea.

The Best Workout for Weight Loss

We hear this claim all the time – someone will say running is the best as it burns a lot of calories. Then we’ll hear that lifting weights is the best as you develop muscle mass, which helps you burn calories at rest. Then you’ll hear that circuit training or bootcamps are the best because they give you a great combination of both.

7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss and Fitness

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions, like my wife and me, is to lose weight and get fit then we need to start with a new attitude.  Basically that means 100% commitment to this very daunting task.  Losing weight has never been fun for my wife and me.

You Can Lose Stomach Fat In Your 50s If You Change Your Diet To Foods That Burn Fat

What are you eating these days? Are you still eating the same food that helped you grow that 50 year-old stomach? If you are, you are not going to lose stomach fat. Even if you are exercising, you are fighting a losing battle. There is a wide variety of everyday foods that burn fat and that will help you lose stomach fat.

Using a Digital Scale to Track Personal Health and Wellness

Nowadays, a lot of people are taking renewed interest in improving their health and losing weight. A digital scale can be a real ally in this effort. There are many scales out there and finding the one that makes sense for you will go a long way in helping you reach your goal.

Emotions Play an Important Role in Weight Loss

What comes to your mind when you think about weight loss? Many people think limiting the amount of food they eat, eating foods that they do not like, and exercising. That is because many diets tend to focus on just the physical aspect of dieting. The creators of these diets believe that limiting foods and exercising equates to weight loss. However, there is another huge component to weight loss that many people forget about. Emotions play a large part in the journey toward achieving your goal.

The Flat Belly Code

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