Easy Homemade Meatloaf Recipe & Mash

10 Healthiest Foods for Your Brain

Do you know that your brain requires nutrients that are needed for its nutrition? A healthy brain is essential for our body to function properly, as well, to make smart decisions.

5 Detox Foods You Should Have at Home

Are you into a detox program? I’ve asked that since in today’s world, stress has become the biggest contributor why people are prone to diseases. Of course, foods that we eat are also leading in bringing issues to our health – skin problems, pains and aches, weight gain and more. Several breakthroughs have been introduced and one of those is detoxification.

Do You Know What To Eat?

An adequate amount of nutrition will help you live a healthy, happy and stress-free life. In this context, nutrition is vital to everyone. You need to eat the right kind of food at the right amount. Too little or too much nutrients is not healthy for your body. The ideal combination of food to eat ensures proper nutrition to help the body sustain its daily activities. Smart choices are necessary to get optimum benefits from the food you consume

Selaginella As A Healing Power In Plant-Based Diet

Despite the fact that there are more than 700 species, the Selaginella is relatively underutilized as its medicinal value is not yet fully realized. While it is better known as a groundcover plant and ferns for cut flowers, several species of Selaginella are also used as edible greens. For instance, the spikemoss is similar to shallots, as both have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-allergen benefits. They improve heart health, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. While shallots stimulate digestive enzymes, spikemoss affects metabolism proteins. However, both protect against UV rays and blood clotting as well. Bearing the sobriquet ‘resurrection plant’, spikemoss gets hydrated and active under wet conditions Another miracle herb, Black seed (Nigella sativa) has a wide spectrum of activities related to immune and respiratory systems, stomach, liver and kidney; and in relieving pain and spasms. All these may complement the work of selaginella, and contribute to your overall wellness.

Why Protein Is Important for Recovery?

The crucial role of protein for muscle recovery must not be overlooked. You need to supply your body with protein to make it possible for your muscles to maintain optimum strength and capacity without being robbed of energy during strenuous physical activities. The daily protein dietary reference intake (DRI) for people who are 18 years old and above is 0.8 grams/body weight kilogram. It applies to everyone regardless of individual routine activities.

7 Healthy Foods That You Can Eat Before Training

Thanks to its essential fatty acids avocado gives us energy and improves our physical and mental function. It is an ideal place to take a daily supplement, because it is also filling.

Healthy Foods – 4 Ways To Add Protein To Your Morning Oatmeal Bowl

Many people who are trying to lose weight skip breakfast thinking this is a good way to cut calories. But this can backfire. The real key to dieting is the total number of calories you eat in a day. Rather than skipping breakfast, choose a breakfast containing fiber-rich foods, lean protein and limited calories. Starting your day with a bowl of oatmeal is one of the best ways to hit the ground running. It’s high in fiber, low in sugar, and is so hearty you quickly feel satisfied for many hours ahead. That said, in order for this morning grain to sustain you until lunch, you need to add some protein. All meals and snacks you eat should contain a balanced mix of carbs, proteins, and preferably healthy fats, so let’s look at some fast and easy ways to bring more protein to this dish…

Are You Shaving With Occam’s Razor?

The biggest mistake I see people make when they try to lose weight is to do everything at once. They immediately go low carb, exercise 10 hours per week, and only eat organic. However, this approach is actually backwards. The key to your success may be to do less…

10 Natural Foods That Should Be Included in Your Diet

As we get ready to bid our goodbyes to 2015 and close in on 2016, it is becoming increasingly clear – eating healthy should not be complicated. If good health is your desire, there is no getting around your diet. Remember your physical health is a direct reflection of what you eat, and how you live your life in general.

Diet Tips for 2016 – Add These 10 Foods This Year to Make Your Diet Strong!

You need to choose your food wisely to have a healthy and strong body. Check out what 10 foods can give you a good and healthy diet!

Vitamin D – A Deficiency Story

Most of the time we get our vitamin D supply directly from the sunlight we encounter when we go outside. Our bodies naturally react when we absorb up the sun’s beautiful rays and our bodies go into overdrive, producing plenty of the good stuff.

Foods To Avoid For Good Health

What you eat largely determines how healthy you are. Unhealthy eating puts you at a great risk of diseases and you therefore have to take control of your eating and select the best foods to achieve and maintain good health. So much has been said about what the healthy foods are but what foods should you make a point of avoiding if you want to enjoy better health?

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