Do you warm up before your workouts? (Hint: you should). Tell us: what’s your favorite warm up move?

The Great Snuffleupagus – Spot Reducing Waist Exercises

You’ve most likely heard about “spot reducing” waist exercises or “spot exercises” – targeted exercises designed to eliminate body fat within a specific location. Time for some bubble-bursting: just like the lovable Snuffleupagus, they don’t really exist. “Spot exercises” exercise a very tiny muscle set and although they may make that muscle set stronger, they do nothing to lower the volume of body fat masking those muscles.

Green Tea Weight Loss – Fad Or Fact?

A diet plan utilizing green tea for weight loss is a great idea for those who are not into counting calories or willing to spend hours in the gym. In addition, adding green tea to a weight loss program you are already on will boost the effectiveness of that plan.

How To Determine the Best Diet Plan for Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for the best diet plan that adapts to YOUR lifestyle and particular need, so that you can reach success through a more personalized weight-loss experience? Discover the best diet solution that adapts to your lifestyle and needs now!

10 Top Fat Burning Foods

Losing weight is all about eating the right food and boosting your metabolism. And while exercise is an excellent way to do this, there are certain foods that can also increase your metabolism to help burn fat quicker. Here are 10 foods that can help support your healthy eating and exercise regime:

Top 10 Questions About SLIM +

What is SLIM +? SLIM + allows the body to metabolize “stored” fat and use it as immediate energy.

How to Ace the Juicing Game – 8 Useful Tips and Techniques

While lots of people are off trying out fancy diets and workout programs, few are aware that juicing is a much easier way of getting yourself in shape. It is a great way to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, and maximizes nutrient absorption by taking away the effort of having to break down fruit particles. This is why having an efficient fruit juicer on hand is extremely useful in the kitchen.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program Review

The Nutrisystem weight loss program is one of the meal delivery diet programs that have become so popular in recent years. Nutrisystem claims that you can lose a pound or two a week without the use of diet supplements or intense exercise. The biggest key to the success of this diet program is that it is extremely easy to follow and therefore, your ability to stick with the diet is greatly increased.

Glycemic Impact Diet Program Review

This review is about the Glycemic Impact Diet which was created by Rick Gallop. Rick Gallop is the author of several books about low glycemic index diets and was a past president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Canada.

Weight Loss Programs – Which Is Best For You?

In most cases, the specific weight loss program you choose has little to do with whether you will lose weight or not. Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than your body is using. As a result, it does not matter if you choose to follow a low carb diet or a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet or a high protein diet, your own special homemade diet or any of the many commercial diet programs. So long as the plan you choose to follow results in your burning more calories than you are eating, you will lose weight.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Enjoy Life

Find out some great weight loss tips from someone who lost weight over 20 years ago and kept it off. Read and learn my secrets now.

Natural Weight Loss Suggestions to Feel Good!

When was the last time you felt overweight, or just miserable about your hips, thighs, stomach? Well natural weight loss is the best for everyone. No pills, no medications. Just good clean eating.

3 Very Common But Shocking Mistakes Men Make When Losing Belly Fat and Building Sexy 6 Pack Abs

Losing belly fat can be very difficult and sometimes frustrating. You may be doing lots of exercises in the morning. You could even be a gym rat slaving your yourself daily to get into shape. But if you are not doing it right your belly fat will not get burnt and your efforts will come to naught. So why do some people easily burn their belly fat and build 6 pack abs while some people struggle and eventually give up?

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