Day 2: Amp Up Your Yoga Routine With This 35-Minute HIIT Vinyasa Flow

The Flat Belly Code

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery That You Must Know Before You Go For Surgery

If you are an overweight or obese person that is contemplating going for weight loss surgery, you must be aware of the advantages and the potential risks of going for such operations. In this article I am not going to recommend that you should or should not go for any type of surgery, I am just going to lay down the facts before you and leave you to decide for yourself.

How to Shed Extra Body Weight Naturally

One of the best and natural ways of shedding off excessive body weight is by stimulating the production and activity of the natural fat burning hormones in the body while at the same time suppressing the activity of hormones that encourage the accumulation of fat in the body. In this article we shall be looking at the following measures that you can use to create a hormonal balance in the body that will encourage weight loss: 1-Consume carbohydrates that have a low glycaemic index When you eat carbohydrates that have a high glycaemic index like white bread…

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Plan

So you’ve committed yourself to losing weight and eating healthy. Here are 5 ways you can jumpstart your weight loss program and regain your health.

Getting Off the Diet Rollercoaster – The Difference Between Diet Vs. Lifestyle Change

One of my fabulous clients described her journey towards permanent weight loss this way: “It’s like I was on a rollercoaster when I was dieting, now I’m in the driver’s seat, driving change.” I thought this was a great metaphor for dieting Vs. lifestyle change.

Pregnancy Weight Loss – Losing That Baby Fat

Women can struggle after pregnancy to lose those extra pounds, so called baby fat. Here are some tips that can help with pregnancy weight loss and pave the way to a more sustainable way to lose weight naturally.

How I Lost 30 Pounds In 3 Months

Did I get your attention? Well it’s 100% correct. My toddler came into this world in 2010 and when I got home from the hospital and stepped on a scale I weighed 161 pounds.

10 Minute Workout Sessions – Why They Are Better Than Extended Workouts

One of the most interesting trends in fitness is the growing popularity of 10 minute workout sessions. Fitness experts are devising various short but intense bursts of activity that are guaranteed to help people lose weight and improve their health. There is quite a bit of evidence pointing towards the need for 10 minute workout sessions instead of longer ones:

The Paradox That Is Not – Fat, Knowledge and Pre-Concieved Ideas

Some researchers are puzzled: the average American has much higher knowledge of the caloric and fat content of the food he/she eats and the average French has no clue… And could not care less. Is it that knowledge is not enough to give “good eating habits”? Or is it something else? What are good eating habits? Are we interpreting facts through the deforming glass of our pre-conceived ideas?

Excellent Tips to Help You Exercise and Keep Fit at Work

For most people that work in offices, their jobs requires that they sit at their desk for long hours on the same spot and this reduces the level of exercise that they get every day. Most people that work in an office environment tend to add on weight very easily because they spend most of their time sitting at their desk.

Eat Fat to Promote Your Body’s Fat Loss Process – Yes, You Read That Right!

There is a very common misconception that a lot of people have, regarding weight loss and fats. In this article we talk about why we should include fat in our diet even when we want to lose weight and which dietary fat we should eat!

Weight Loss Advice

Want that lean and sexy body that you see in magazine covers? The sight of it probably makes your heart race. You are not alone in that. A lot of people from all over the world desire to have that slender body of a model. Many are trying to find ways on how to lose weight fast.

Online Diets Are a Great Way to Plan Your Weight Loss Schedule

The internet is a dynamic storehouse of all things important and unimportant. If you search enough, you are sure to find something or the other in the internet regarding everything that you need to know. The online diets are of course no exception.

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