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The 3 KILLER Mistakes Made When Starting A Diet That Causes Failure Within A Couple Of Weeks!

Are you ready to change your life and your body and get started on a diet plan to lose those stubborn pounds? Are you ready to do what it takes no matter what? Well, take it from me (since I had to learn the hard way), you MUST ensure you go into a diet program fully prepared or it is going to be inevitable that you’ll end up failing.

So You Want to Lose Weight and Be Slim?

Many people spend their lives either on a diet or despairing that they need to lose weight. Here are some ways to manage your eating habits better and learn to develop a better relationship with food.

Health Benefits Of Weight Loss Beverages

Everyone knows that the holidays are joyous time of the year. However, during holidays, stroke and heart attacks are also at its peak. Experts believe that it has something to do with the food people traditionally prepare.

The Hormones That Burn Fat!

The glands and the hormones that are directly involved metabolism are the keys to to your efforts to burn fat for weight loss.  Learning how to activate these important fat burning hormones while suppressing the fat making hormones is key to successful weight management.

Gaining Weight in Your 40s: Why Does It Happen and What to Do About It?

Many women notice their weight increasing in their 40s and 50s, even if they have been slim all their life. What causes this weight gain? And what can be done about it?

How To Reduce Your Double Chin

A double chin can make you look older, fatter and less attractive. There are different ways to get rid of double chin. But before you learn how to reduce your double chin, you need to know what produced it in the first place. There are three basic causes for the development of double chin – heredity, obesity and age. The ways to counter the effects of each are slightly different.

Focus on Your Health and the Weight Will Take Care of Itself

For most people that are over-weight, whether they know it or not, food addiction is their problem; they are controlled by food. The underlying reasons for this are many, low self-esteem one of the most common. How then do we address this addiction to food and address the issue of being over weight?

Stay Motivated, You Too Can Lose Weight!

You’ve always known that your weight is on the high side or is getting out of hand. And no doubt, you’ have severally considered embarking on a weight loss program.

The New Year’s Resolution Weight Loss Solution

Hurray! It’s New Year once again and what’s that common word when it comes to opening of the season? Yes, that’s right, it’s the ever immortal “New Year’s Resolution”. No matter who you are, you surely have one of these.

Shake Off Your Carbs With Slim-Fast Diet

Slim-Fast Diet? Haven’t heard of one? Oh well, you’d better know this amazing meal replacement shake!

Getting Started – When and Where?

Fifty percent of people who start an exercise programme quit within the first six months, so getting started and sticking to an exercise programme can be challenging. Before you start you need to ask yourself these questions to determine whether it’s SAFE for you to exercise and where to exercise is best for you.

How to Lose Baby Weight Fast After Pregnancy

In the first few months after giving birth to my first daughter, I lost over 28 pounds and it wasn’t down to any magical diet, or running 20 miles everyday. Do you really think any new mother has time or the energy to run 20 miles a day? The secret to my weight loss, was eating a healthy diet, and few secret foods that helped by burn fat faster. Want to know those secret foods? Read on.

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