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The Special K Diet: The Pros and Cons

Cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has come up with a new diet idea called the Special K Diet which has been the subject of debate amongst nutritionists regarding its effectiveness and health benefits. It’s a pretty simple diet that is not as restrictive as most fad diets are. The basic idea of this diet is that for 2 weeks, you should eat Kellogg’s Special K cereal for breakfast and either lunch or dinner. Your third meal could be anything, as long as it’s a balanced meal. Snacking is not prohibited, although it is recommended that you stick to fruits and veggies or choose from the Special K brand snack options for better results.

Legality of Ma Huang in the USA: What Is Legal and What Is Not

The legality of selling or buying Ma Huang in the USA is not clear to many people, not even speaking of the differences with close countries like Canada. This confusion comes partly from the fact that Ma Huang contains ephedrine which is legal as bronchodilator, but illegal as dietary supplement. Yet Ma Huang as a pure plant can be sold legally in the USA if not used as dietary supplement! It might be helpful to clarify this topic of legality, by going back first to the ban of ephedrine by the Food and Drug Administration, and then by stating what is really legal in the USA and what is not.

The Fundamentals of Paleo Books

One of the best ways for people to learn about great diets is through books. There is a multitude of books available in the market – both offline and online – that can educate you and at the same time, provide you with a detailed set of instructions and tips on how you can pursue with the diet. If you wish to learn more about the Paleo diet or the caveman diet – the diet with which the ancient humans lived by – then you should look for Paleo books.

Simple, Natural Weight Loss Without Dieting

Can something as simple as retraining your eating habits lead to really helping you lose the weight you want to lose? Do you have to eat less, or can you eat more and still lose weight? Find out now…

How to Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season, is a really tricky time of year for a lot of people. This is a time of year where we’re getting together with our family and it can be quite an emotional time, as families often have dynamics that leave everyone feeling like they need to live up to certain expectations. It’s also culturally accepted tradition to eat copious quantities of food during these times and holidays have become more about feasting than about nurturing the connection with the people who mean the most to you.

Does Body By Vi Work? My Body by Vi Story

As someone who is all too familiar with the many diet fads that inundate the market, I have to admit that when I first heard about the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, I was a little hesitant about joining.

How to Get Rid of Body Fat – 4 Powerful Tips for Getting Lightning Fast Results

A major concern that many people have is how to get rid of body fat. While the idea of shedding away weight may be well and good often it will require a fair bit of commitment and hard work. What you’ll find next are a couple of the most common obstacles you will likely encounter on your weight loss journey and what you can do to overcome them.

Diabetes and Slimming Pills

People suffering from diabetes have got an interconnection with obesity. Type 1 diabetes separates blood glucose and halts the production of insulin. Including Herbal Tea in the diabetic diet is without a doubt is a sensible choice. Research has proved that it is not only helpful for the treatment of type 1 diabetes, the tests show that Herbal tea is also good at helping stop the development of type 2 diabetes. Whether you are considering over-the-counter diet pills or prescription medications for weight loss, there are a number of potential and significant risks involved. These risks can increase greatly if you also have serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It is important to understand some of the health risks and complications involved in taking any kind of diet pill, so that you can make informed choices for reaching your weight-loss goals safely.

Weight Loss – Obesity And Exercise

In America alone, 70% of all adults are overweight or obese. To solve the problem, both the government and “common knowledge” dictate that an hour of exercise a day is necessary. But just how true is this claim?

Some Women Also Need To Lose Body Fat

In ways for women to lose body fat there are many,but you have no clue which one works, and which does not. Women have tried without success or having success early only to gain more weight back. So, how do you choose between Weight Watchers or other diets?

For Your Needed List Of Fat Burning Foods

There are foods which can help speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat. Read on and learn about them.

Why Women Still Feel Fat After Weight Loss

There can be so many emotional and psychological reasons for a woman to still feel fat after losing a significant amount of weight. If someone had asked me this question before embarking on my own personal weight loss journey, I may have been miffed at any possible reasoning behind this incredibly “distorted view”.

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