Ascending Ladder of Doom – HIIT Ladder Interval Workout

Variety in Your Bariatric Diet

You’ve taken the leap and finally treated yourself to gastric bypass surgery! Bariatric procedures are often a fantastic option for patients whose quick weight loss is absolutely necessary to their health. Learn how to maintain an appropriate post-surgery diet that doesn’t leave you bored or burn you out.

Be Careful When Following Fast Weight Loss Plans

In the event you were to search fast ways to lose weight, you’ll come across 100’s of recommendations. You will feel overwhelmed, you’ll pick one at random and give it a try, however what happens if it fails? You try another one and another one till you believe you’ve got it right. Sadly, the fast change of diet programs is known as a dietary yo-yo and it has severe consequences on your physical and mental health.

White Tea Health Benefits

Drinking white tea has become very popular in the western part of the world recently. This is mostly because of the health benefits of drinking various Chinese teas. You have probably heard that drinking white tea have many health benefits including weight loss, boosting your immune system, anti-ageing etc.

What Is Your Motivation For Weight Loss?

Most of us need a motivation for doing something radical like changing your way of living. What is your motivation?

Hill Sprints – How to Build Muscle and Burn Fat Faster

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced hill sprinting as part of my weight training exercise. Since then I have fallen in love with it. I try to get out and go hill sprinting at least once a week, simply because I don’t have much time since my normal exercises are pretty intense.

Tips for Preventing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is very dangerous. An overweight child suffers from all kinds of diseases. He or she will always look sickly. The child may end up having deadly health challenges if nothing is done to arrest the situation. In any case, childhood obesity can be prevented.

Ready, Set, Slow! For a Healthy Summer

Do you want summer 2013 to find you energized, healthy, and ready for all the fun goodness it brings? And after repeatedly trying different diets and extreme workouts that you just can’t stick to, you are ready for a sensible and realistic way to get you to the healthy place you want to be.

Solid Suggestions In Losing Those Extra Pounds

So many people are overweight these days. This is something that a lot people struggle with.

The Best Approach In Weight Loss

Losing weight is really not a complicated process. The problem that most people face when they want to lose weight is that they want fast results with little effort.

Easy and Effective Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss can be easy if you follow the right path. Follow these simple tips to quickly realize your diet and weight loss goals.

Diet and Exercise As the Recipe for Weight Loss Success

One of the best things you can do to improve your overall health and longevity is to lose weight. However, losing weight can be quite challenging, as you may know all too well.

Take Control Of Your Weight Loss Plans

If you’re going to be successful losing weight, then you have to make sure that you know what you’re doing. There are certainly many things to consider, and you need to know how to approach a well-balanced diet and fitness regimen.

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