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The Shocking Truth About Low Calorie Diets And Why You Are Barking Up The Wrong Weight Loss Tree

If you are just trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to try those much touted “low calorie diet plans”. Are they any good? Can these type of diet plans really help you lose unwanted weight? It is wise to ask these hard questions before you start because if you don’t, you may just end up barking up the wrong weight loss tree.

Dieting Foods To Avoid – The Myths

It seems that there are so many ways to lose weight. But there’s also so much confusion. Anytime a person enters the internet, in order to find answers regarding this issue, there’s so much information coming on him. The result is a mess of ideas that often contradict and make no sense at all. For example, the known rule of eating fewer calories than what your body burns, makes perfect sense. But even for this basic rule there are exceptions. If you eat 1500 calories of made chocolate each day, will you lose weight? Maybe, but it will probably ruin something else in your body. The conclusion is that a more thorough understanding of losing weight is needed to be acquired. Here I’ll dispute many wrong myths that are considered true for such a long time.

Why You Need To Eat Chocolate, Coffee And Beer

Have you been eating food that tastes like cardboard with the hope that you will be shedding off the pounds? Well most likely you have been trying to consume products like green tea, soy milk and ground turkey with the hope that these “healthy foods” will help you lose weight. But the scary truth is that the green tea you are buying at your local grocery store in fact could be making you pack on the pounds.

Choose To Lose Weight: Accept The Responsibility, Not The Blame

Why haven’t you lost weight and kept it off? I’ll bet that’s a question that has haunted your waking hours and, perhaps, your sleeping ones as well. You’ve read the diet books. You’ve explored the psychological and physical explanations for weight gain. You know what foods to eat and which to avoid. You are more expert on the subject of dieting than any expert in the field. There’s really only one reason why you haven’t lost weight and kept it off. Read about it here.

Hypnosis As Weight Loss Management

There are a plethora of weight loss management methods, but one that you might not know much about is hypnosis. There are many negative stereotypes surrounding hypnosis: that it is mind-control, a magic trance, or that is simply hodge-podge that doesn’t work. However, hypnosis is a genuine therapeutic practice that can be used to treat many mental health disorders and various addictions. Let’s take a brief look at what hypnosis is and then discuss how you can use it as weight loss management.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving

One of the popular and easy ways to lose weight is by making use of the nutritional values on the labels. Count the calories. You do not need to avoid eating the food that you love. Just compare the labels of different brands to effectively find the healthier choice that suits your taste and plan to lose weight. Double checking the calories per serving on the products may seem tedious at first, but in the long run, you will notice that this is actually one of the easy ways to achieve weight loss.

Lose Weight Naturally Without Spending Much

Weight loss programs are some how expensive and you feel like you’re broke but still have the desire to lose weight. Learn how to lose weight naturally and without spend so much on weight loss programs using tried and tested methods.

5 Ways To Get Your Metabolism To Work For You!

Losing weight is usually a constant uphill battle and few are able to say they have gotten to the top. Although, how can we level out the playing field? If you want to make losing weight a little easier a great step towards that is actually very simple – raise your metabolism. Your metabolism helps your body to break down the foods you eat, take the nutritional value out of them and lose weight. So basically raising your metabolism is something that not only will help you reach your goal but it will also help you maintain it. But how do we raise our metabolism? Of course it is not going to be a piece of cake, but it is something that anyone – and I mean ANYONE – can do. In fact raising your metabolism can be as simple as watching what you eat and ”where” you eat it. Nonetheless here are 5 simple ways to raise your metabolism…

Healthy Holidays – Feel Good, Not Guilty

The winter season, with its holiday traditions of foods and festivities, can be the toughest for dieters. Yet with careful planning, you can enjoy the holiday feasts and rounds of parties without foregoing health and weight maintenance.

Where Did the Weight Come From?

There is no denying that both women and men gain weight as the years pass. The average weight gain for adult men is 1.7 pounds per year and for women, 1.4 pounds. More than half say that they’ve gained at least 20 pounds since reaching adulthood. And the trend seems to be worsening.

Excess Weight: The Psychological Impact (2)

Why do men appear to have a delayed negative reaction to their body image compared with women? Some research suggests that men are less likely to see themselves as being judged on appearance and more likely to see themselves as being judged on their personal achievements, such as their career title or their athletic performance.

Excess Weight: The Psychological Impact

There is no debate; excess weight is bad for your health. But what many women and men don’t realize is that it’s harmful to your mental health, too. The psychological stress of being extremely large affects both genders in similar ways.

The Flat Belly Code

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