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The Flat Belly Code

How Losing Weight With Meal Replacement Shakes Can Help You Beat Diabetes

Meal replacement shakes can help a person suffering from diabetes lose weight and keep their blood sugar under control. Most of the shakes available today are actually made for people that do have diabetes. Instead of having to about preparing a meal that is healthy for your condition, you can just whip up a shake and go.

4 Key Habits to Weight Loss

Weight Loss is only good when it is done in a healthy way and best when it is sustainable long term. The creation of beneficial habits is key to a healthy lifestyle and key to creating sustainable weight loss. Read this article to find out more about these 5 key habits for optimal weight loss.

Proactol Plus – A Doable System for Losing Weight

Too many people trying to lose weight on diet programs seem to quit before they reach their goal. There probably are as many reasons for this lapse as there are people.

A Short Guide to Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

The following useful tips and important facts on pregnancy following gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric sleeve or lap band procedure are based on the experience of bariatric surgeons who spent many years performing bariatric surgery and observing long-term effects of these procedures. Bariatric surgery may result in a boost of fertility, in both men and women. Evidence suggests that women challenged by obesity-related fertility problems linked may start ovulating regularly again, after they undergo an adequate bariatric surgery.

The 4HB PAGG Factor

“PAGG” is a simple acronym that belies the infinite power contained within. Collectively the PAGG constituents positively impact the way your body processes food with the net result, reduced body fat.

Top 3 Weight Loss Blunders You Absolutely Must Avoid

When you first start trying to lose weight you will notice that the results come quickly. But as you continue your journey things can slow down. Sometimes even coming to a complete halt. Sometimes you can go several weeks without the scale moving an inch. This of course can be discouraging and make you want to quit. But don’t.

Mathematics of Weight Lost

You are not just what you eat but what you absorb and eliminate. The purpose of weight reduction diets is to restrict the intake of calories derived from the three main food constituents; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Every person require a certain number of calories to provide the energy needed each day which also depends on individual’s daily activities.

15 Ways to Burn More Calories All Day Long

Regular exercise is a fabulous way to burn fat and get fit. But it turns out that you can also burn more calories even when you’re not working out.

Why You Might Not Be Getting Enough Protein – And Why It Matters

You know you need vegetables and fruit to stay healthy and satisfied while dieting. But are you aware how vital protein is to your weight-loss efforts?

Everything You Need To Know About Carbohydrates!

Are you confused about whether carbohydrates are good or bad and whether or not they should be a part of your diet? The simple answer is that there are both good and bad ones. All you need to know is how to differentiate among them and how to attain the maximum benefits out of these.

Should You Be Concerned About the “Fat Burning Zone”?

You’ve probably heard the advice that in order to lose weight, you need to exercise in the “fat burning zone.” This article explains what actually matters most.

Dangers and Risks of Bariatric Surgery

Some people will go to any length to reduce their weight. There are various diets, diet pills, exercise programmes, even surgery marketed to help you achieve your goals. Bariatric surgery, the fitting of a lap band around the stomach, is the latest in a long line of unhealthy ways to lose weight. Luckily it is beyond the financial scope of most people, as it is fraught with dangers.

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