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Extreme Weight Loss Tips Which Are Not Helpful

If you wish to lose a good bit of weight within a short time-frame, there are extreme weight loss techniques which provide rapid results. These techniques may help you to achieve your desired weight quickly but they could also have adverse health after-effects. If you are desperate to have quick results, here are some extreme weight loss techniques you can bear in mind.

How To Lose Weight Fast By Tackling Your Insulin

The obesity epidemic is probably the worst handled epidemic in human history, yet it has killed more people than any other known epidemic. Why is it taking us so long to realise that eating less and exercising more is not going to treat obesity but tackling insulin instead will finally rid us of the problem?

Burning Calories – The Essentials

It’s hardly any secret that burning calories can help you to slim down. The fact of the matter is that most people become overweight because they simply take in more calories than their bodies will be able to burn in one day and when there is a ‘surplus’ of calories, these will be deposited as fat. Depending on how much you need to lose, you can roughly determine how many calories you will need to consume in order to get rid of one pound of fat.

Weight Loss Resorts – Lose Weight The Fun Way

Briefly, weight loss resorts are residential areas where obese and overweight people spend some time so that they can lose weight. The resorts expose them to a variety of activities that will guarantee you lose weight and make them rethink their habits so that they can attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle thereafter.

How To Overcome Holiday Dieting Problems

The biggest issue with holiday dieting is finding yourself unprepared. When we get into the routine of a diet plan, whether it’s very strict or loose and variable, we often become less focused on planning ahead.

Successful Diets – The 5 Common Characteristics

How many successful diets do you think are out there? More than 68% of American adults are overweight according to the Centers for Disease control and a full half of them are obese. 30% of Americans are said to be on a diet at any particular time, and the dieting industry pulls in more than 30 billion dollars annually.

Fast Food Risks And Overcoming Your Addiction

Are the fast food risks that we’ve always heard about over and over again on the news all hype? We constantly hear that junk food isn’t the best option for us and are bombarded with statistics, studies, and charts, but we continue to dine out regardless. For some of us it’s the taste that we’re addicted to, but for others it’s the convenience and cost that lure us under the harsh fluorescent light bulbs to place our shameful orders for greasy patties and deep fried oils.

Dieting In America

Although dieting in America is a multibillion dollar industry that pulls in $30 billion dollars annually, Americans are more overweight today than ten years ago. Between popular juice fasts and low fat diet plans, there is no shortage of supposedly healthy options. But Americans still keep gaining weight.

Find Success By Dieting Online

Dieting online can help many dieters overcome some of the challenges of trying to lose weight in today’s modern culture that is hyper-focused on looks and thinness. But there are pitfalls trying to go it alone…

Do Fruit Detox Diets Really Work?

The latest craze in the dieting world and in the world of alternative medicine in general, seems to be fruit detox diets. These diets are a popular option because of the appeal of the tasty treat of fresh fruit as opposed to other plans that restrict you to liquids like juice fasts or odd combinations like cayenne pepper infused water. The “detox” promised in these diets is a draw for some people who are concerned about the build up of harmful “toxins” in the body, like pesticides, heavy metals, and artificial additives in over-processed food.

5 Steps To Boosting Your Dieting Results Using Weight Loss Foods

In order to lose weight it’s necessary to identify and eat plenty of weight loss foods. These foods are ones full of nutrients that can help cut down on cravings for sugary, salty junk foods. Whenever undertaking any type of diet it’s important to focus on eating low calorie foods that have a lot of bulk to them in order to create a sense of fullness in your stomach, which curbs the urge to eat or graze throughout the day.

Water Fasting Weight Loss – Good or Bad?

Water fasting is, exactly that! Just water-no solid food, juices, coffee, tea or milk. Are there any benefits to such drastic measures?

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