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Being Health-Smart Isn’t Preventing Obesity, What’s The Disconnect? How Do We Fix It?

With uncontrolled obesity everywhere in our society, a question we need to ask ourselves is… why? With so much health information available and no lack of visual reminders about just how overweight many in our society are, one would think that these would call people to action to re-asses their lifestyles by curbing over eating and living more active lives. It doesn’t seem that is happening though. So what is the disconnect between this abundant knowledge and this lack of action? How do we go about preventing obesity? I believe it is two-fold. I see a huge lack of willpower and, to be quite honest, rampant laziness.

The Different Types of Coconut Oil

As its popularity grows, so do all the questions about it. For instance, how is it produced, what are the different types, what are its uses, how it should be stored, what are its benefits, what do the terms on the labels mean, and which ones should you buy?

Splenda (A/K/A Sucralose): 7 Seriously Strong Reasons I Use It and Recommend It

Splenda, which is also known by the generic name sucralose, was introduced into our food supply in 1998 when it was approved by the FDA. Since then it’s been approved by 100 other countries, and has become the most popular non-caloric sweetener in the world. During it’s short history, which is less than 20 years, there have been no deaths, diseases or illnesses directly attributable to sucralose. Critics say that we need more time for health problems to reveal themselves, and that may be true. That said, I personally like the product’s strong track record. My biggest reason for recommending Splenda is that our government says it’s safe, and the product has demonstrated safety with a huge worldwide population group. So far, so good.

The Myth Of Moderation

Moderation doesn’t work for everyone, or for every food. Sugar could be the exception to the generally accepted rule that “everything’s fine in moderation.” For sugar addicts, abstinence may be preferable.

Manganese – The Overlooked Trace Mineral: Why You Should Have It And Where To Find It

Don’t make the mistake of confusing manganese for magnesium. They may sound similar but Manganese has a whole host of different benefits, & makes up a part of the essential bone-building group of calcium, magnesium, manganese & boron. Learn about this trace mineral, what it can do for you, and which tasty foods it can be found in with this article.

Women Need Vitamin D

According to ScienceDaily(1) Americans have low vitamin D levels. That means we are susceptible to other illnesses including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Here are the specific benefits of vitamin D for your health.

Vitamin A – The Necessity and the Risks

Although Vitamin A, also known as retinol (a form of alcohol used by the body to preserve the life of the vitamin itself) is necessary for fighting infection, cleansing kidneys, clearing acne, lowering cholesterol, lessening menstrual cramps, delaying senility, preventing wrinkles, handling stress, limiting memory loss, eliminating night blindness, controlling asthma, restricting yeast infections and much more an overdose of Vitamin A, as a supplement can be toxic. Taking Vitamin A supplements must be handled by a physician. Tests must be taken to prove deficiencies and dosages must be regulated. Too much Vitamin A causes brittle fingernails, hair loss, low blood pressure, pain, nausea and diarrhea, mouth ulcers, immune deficiencies, blood in the lungs, thyroid malfunctions, brain swelling, seizures, heart disease, liver inflammation, comas and in some cases even death.

Differences in Herbal Medicines

Differences in herbal paths are often confusing. You should know how you want to use herbals before you choose what path to learn. Or, you’ll not enjoy it.

Back To School Lunch Boxes: How and What to Pack

Packing your kid’s lunch box for school or kindergarten can be a real headache. Make it simple and learn from a personal experience about how and what to pack to make your life easier and your kid happy.

7 Foods That Boost Your Haemoglobin Count

Haemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that exists in your red blood cells. Its main function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues, thus aiding the living cells that make up your body. Haemoglobin also helps carry carbon dioxide away from the cells and transport it back to the lungs. Considering the vital role haemoglobin plays in keeping us healthy, it is necessary to maintain it in normal levels in your blood.

For A Healthy Diet Changing As Well An Unhealthy Snack List

Eating snacks while at the office or at home just after lunch is a common event. It usually doesn’t matter if the snack is healthy or not, or what the effects of these can have on our overall health. Bad habits are like viruses in your diet, causing bad health in what you are eating. If you don’t clear these viruses out then the cycle will continue and ruin your life. Our eating pattern becomes a habit that most people fall into through no real fault of their own.

Clarified Butter or Ghee – Should You Eat It?

Ghee or clarified butter, has been around in India for thousands of years. Prepared by simmering butter and removing the residue, ghee is traditionally considered to be the food of the Gods – with mystical healing properties. To know if we should be eating it today

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