30-Minute Full-Body Strength Workout With Anna Renderer

Cocoa Vs Cacao

Ever wonder how cocoa is made? Ever wonder the difference is between cocoa and cacao? Find out all you need to know about the origins of chocolate!

The Protein Bar Problem

All Protein Bars are good for you, right? Especially big name brand ones? Not so fast. With the ever expanding protein bar market front and center in the public eye, there are things going on behind that shiny wrapper that you should know about.

Low Carb Comfort Foods: Comfort Beyond Breads And Pasta

Comfort food! No matter who we are, we all have those delicious foods that make everything better.

Health Hazards Of Excessive Green Chillies And Sour Pickles

The issue of food sensitivity arises when hot and pickled foods become regular items on your menu. It is noted that Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, has a marked fondness for chillies and that he is a pickle master. However, an overdose of both such hot and sour foods had destroyed the health of a lady chef. In time to come, an excessive intake of these foods is bound to end up with frequent bouts of vomiting, which may indicate a hidden stomach ulcer. Notably, a good, experienced chef may not be a nutritionist who makes wise food choices as taste buds and nutrition are two different things.

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Liver

The liver can really take quite a beating. Chunks can be ripped from it, and it will still work. Nonetheless your liver has its limits. The purposes of the liver are numerous; to break down damaged cells, to produce proteins that help with clotting, to break down fats and produce energy, to clean the blood of toxins, and to produce bile to aid in digestion.

Two-In-One: First Class Vegetarian Meat Substitutes Which Are Also Great Vegetarian Protein Sources

Vegetarian meat substitutes that happens to be good protein sources consist of three types of mushrooms, a vegetable and a fruit. Generally, what make mushrooms a perfect meat substitute are their meaty texture, rich mineral, vitamin and fiber content as well as their ability to fill you up with the least calories. It follows that both the jackfruit and eggplant have this fleshiness to pass off as meat. First, the portobello mushroom doubles as mock steak,makes healthy eating when included in sandwiches, burgers and gravies. Second, the shiitake mushroom, are used as mock bacon in sandwiches and salads. Third, the oyster mushroom and jackfruit are used in place of pulled pork in sandwiches, As for the eggplant, it is best cooked with garlic and soy sesame oil. Meanwhile, lentils must be soaked before they are cooked with garlic and onions and then added to rice being cooked.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice: Drinking Water And Eating A Plant-Based Diet

Your fluid and solid food intake will affect your singing voice and path. For instance, drinking water during and before singing is important so as to soothe as well as moisten your vocal chords and reduce the risk of vocal damage. Food-wise, the high water content of fruits and vegetables in a plant-based diet can help promote the health of your throat. Further, natural foods keep the mucus membranes of your throat healthy and energizes your singing voice. Additionally, leafy greens increase the blood oxygen so that you can continue singing for a longer period of time. Moreover, whole foods have many properties that enhance the good looks of a singer. However, it is imperative to avoid certain foods that will trigger off the mucus from the nasal passages to trickle into your throat. Indeed, it requires great self-discipline to abstain from undesirable foods and drinks that are rather harmful to your singing voice.

How Much Vitamin A We Need Can Be Confusing

You probably know that you need Vitamin A. You probably have also heard that you can get too much Vitamin A. However, the language describing the quantities of this important nutrient varies considerably. Yes, the amount may be described as RDA, RAE, IU, or even mcgs. How in the world is the average person going to know whether you are getting what you need if you are told the RDA is one amount, but your multi-vitamin supplement lists the quantity as an IU?

Boost Your Immune System With These Tiny Seeds

The benefits to eating pumpkin seeds daily are boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation and fighting cancer, just to name a few. The inclusion of healthy snacks daily in your family’s diet, can support their short and long term health. Pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, can be a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Healthy Eating and the Benefits That Arise

This overview of healthy eating provides health information and tactics for a securing an active and thriving lifestyle. Having energy allows experienced life to gather fluently over time. Moving on to improving an outlook permits a fitter viewpoint of the world and perspectives shared with others. Stabilizing moods are given room for thought and feeling, allowing for productivity to kick in. In this article are ideas and facts for including healthier eating and lifestyle choices throughout the day.

Using Fresh Herbs In Healthy, Homemade Bread, Muffins And Cakes

When it comes to bread and cakes, there is a greater avenue for an ingenuous use of mixed fresh herbs in baking in the west than in the east. In a healthy recipe for cheese bread roll, Tessa of ‘Handles the Heat’, uses 3 minced herbs to create an amazing savory flavor that makes her bread rolls a family favorite. On the other hand, Lora, the ‘cake duchess’, chooses 3 other herbs to make equally tasty cheddar swirl rolls As for her herbed cheese bread, Marie Simmons uses again 3 herbs, the combination of which, differs from the 2 previous lady bakers. Meanwhile, Rebecca Franklin prefers to use just 1 herb for each of her two fruit breads. Similarly, 5 ladies use just 1 herb each to give that distinct taste to their healthy muffins. Further, herbs are also used to pep up the fruits in cakes as shown in 2 instances. In great contrast, eastern breads and cakes are made with very little herbs as compared to those in the west.

Super Wild Edibles: Purslane And Peperomia Plants, And Sedge Grass

Super wild weeds are somewhat too easily available so that we fail to see their intrinsic value as plant foods. For example, the purslane plant, with an extraordinarily high omega-3 content, loves to grow in commonplace sideway cracks. Even more astounding is that it has more cancer-inhibiting antioxidants than all other plants. Then, there is the peperomia which likes to share a pot with other plants. Often mistaken for a nutrient robber, this weed has leaves with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can treat all sorts of pain. Finally, the white water sedge grass contains a lot of antioxidants with many healing properties. When boiled as a drink, this plant can alleviate the pain in your feet.

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