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The Flat Belly Code

How to Eat Naturally Anywhere, Anytime

What I love about natural eating is that absolutely anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 6 foot 4 inch male doing manual work all day long, or a 5 foot 4 inch woman, running your own business or something of a sedentary nature. Because the principles are the same it doesn’t matter what the situation is. You simply listen to your body.

Ripped Six Pack Abs – Dietary Tips

1. Frequency of Meals – Let’s assume that you have shifted to a dry location & you know you’ll only get water one time every day. Won’t you use it carefully & sparingly?

Healthy Foods to Eat on a Budget

Trying to eat healthy food when you are on a budget can seem challenging. This article will tell you what kinds of healthy foods you should shop for and how eating healthy food can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Dish Up Nuts, Seeds and Legumes for Good Health

In looking at food trends for the coming year, Nielsen research indicates that ninety-one percent of people say they snack daily and snacking is on the rise among all age groups and genders. And I am encouraged that folks are focusing more on snacks that are rich in nutrients like nuts, seeds and legumes–choices that earn high marks from me. These three foods are readily available nutrition powerhouses. They are excellent sources of protein, low in saturated fat and sodium; they are cholesterol free and good sources of fiber.

How Much Sugar Is OK for You?

See how easy it is to get far more sugar in your diet each day than you think you are getting? Certainly, if you have a weight problem, cancer, or any chronic disease, take the time to get a close look at your sugar consumption.

Pistachios Aren’t Red Anymore, Wonder Why?

Here in the United States Pistachios used to be red. Maybe they stop dying them so we didn’t have to walk around with red fingers.

New Year’s Resolutions: A Sugar Addict’s Survival Guide

New Year’s resolutions can be easily sabotaged, and many suggestions for cutting back on sugar won’t work for sugar addicts. This article covers a few practical suggestions to help you stay away from sugar and get your year off to a good start.

How Breakfast Lets You Lose Weight

There is an interesting correlation between how breakfast makes you lose weight and keeping it off long term. What’s more important is what you have to eat.

Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil on Bones

Studies have shown that the consumption of omega 3 fish oil can help in increasing body calcium levels consequently improving bone strength. Omega 3 is critical in regulating various biological processes, which include bone metabolism. In the body, it affects the bones in different ways.

The Sugar Made Me Do It: Is Grazing a Type Of Binge Eating? (It Is!)

Grazing is an eating behavior that can interfere with weight loss. This article explores the similarities between grazing and binge eating, as well as a possible link with sugar intake.

Healthy Eating Packs Huge Benefits

Most everyone knows that it is important to eat healthy. Unfortunately all too many of us disregard that knowledge altogether. Those who have successfully managed to limit poor food choices say that it becomes a habit (like others that you work to incorporate) and that it becomes easier when each good choice you make.

The Healthful Vegetarian Brain

Even with a vegetarian diet, all the necessary nutrients and vitamins can be obtained by eating the correct foods. Each individual needs specific nutrients and vitamins to promote healthful brain and nervous system function. This article covers those needs while maintaining a vegetarian diet.

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