30-Minute Empowering Cardio Workout With Charlee Atkins

Post Workout Nutrition: The 5 Basic Nutrients

There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet that is universal for everyone. But everyone is going to need to following 5 nutrients: Protein, carbs, fat, water and electrolytes. That being said, the exact foods someone should eat after a workout depends on any factors such as training goals, allergies, intensity of the workout, and of course, taste preferences. Are you getting what you need?

Juice Recipes For Health – List Of Fruits And Vegetables You Must Try

The health benefits of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be matched. Equipped with a high quality juicer, you can reap all the benefits and have a fun time trying out the different fruits and vegetables that make healthy delicious juices. You can play around with mixing the fruits and vegetables to come up with unique juice recipes for health. Here is a list of some of the easiest to juice, but nutrient packed fruits and vegetables you should consider trying.

Ways to Prune and Harvest Olives

Pruning is generally the removal of excessive branches and leaves from a tree or a shrub in order to enhance its growth. Most fruit bearing trees require pruning once in a while in order to encourage its capabilities of producing better quality leaves and fruits. It requires a technique in order to make sure that the tree or the plant is intact without causing harm to it.

Legume Health Benefits: Bean Foods From Speciosa Tree, Vigna And Lablab Vines

A member of the large legume family, which is a great source of vital proteins, vitamins and minerals, beans are storehouses of energy and nutrition. The stink bean is closely bound up with the operation of your cognitive faculties, for instance: the tryptophan content can treat a depression; both the potassium and vitamin B support the nervous system; while Vitamin A improves learning abilities. Besides, it contains potassium that helps control blood pressure; and iron which makes hemoglobin within the blood, and thus fights anemia. A natural source of folates, red long beans help in DNA synthesis, which enables growth; and replication, that allows proteins carry out their tasks in cells. With a good amount of vitamin C. it boosts your immune system and maintain flexible, healthy blood vessels. In addition, its rich vitamin A supply maintains healthy cells in mucous membranes and improves your vision. Further, carotenoids, can turn into Vitamin A to give your complexion that healthy glow. The hyacinth bean is good for inflammations like ear pain, sore-throat. eczema, and abscesses The hyacinth bean can also offset fever and sunstroke in haze situations. A help to the digestive system, it offers a simple remedy for stomach disorders.

Healthy Summer Foods To Indulge In and Others Not To

Eating and staying healthy is not always easy but a must in every household. Staying healthy should be your second nature in life. Smart food choices can keep you fit and healthy all summer long.

How Can Acai Juice Help You?

The acai palm is a tree that is native to Central and South America, which produces a little brown berry that has become a big deal in the health industry. One of the exotic fruits and vegetables, obscure until elevated by diet gurus, the acai has become a superstar super food, advertised as being packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and just generally pretty good for you. But it’s not all just hype.

Skyr Yogurt: Why You Don’t Always Have to Go Greek

I love to travel. Besides the sights and sounds of a new place, one of my favorite things is to experience new food. I think I love visiting grocery stores in foreign places about as much as I like museums and natural wonders. I know, it’s weird, but I enjoy learning about how other people live, and a huge part of that is how they eat.

Why You Need to Stop Drinking Diet Soda Right Now

Diet drinks have been around for more than 60 years. Although called “diet” drinks, these drinks were actually aimed at diabetics, and not people who were on a diet. That’s the reason why the drink was advertised as sugar-free. Slowly but surely, the industry developed into the giant it is today. However, although it contains no sugar, there are other health risks that we should be taking into consideration.

5 Best Reasons For Eating Insects

Eating insects is an affordable way to keep protein in your diet and is also much better for the environment. Insect farming costs less and takes less space than conventional protein sources such as beef, pork, poultry or fish.

5 Healthy Fats To Add To Your Diet

From their antioxidant qualities to abilities to reduce disease risks, there are a number of healthy fats available to choose from. Some of these fats may not be well known but have many healthy benefits in addition to adding wonderful flavor to food.

Nutrition: What’s Missing From Those Pictures

All our lives, my life anyway, we in the West have been presented word pictures purporting to be true facts by those in positions of authority. Not included in these pictures, however, are important major facts/pieces of the story/picture. They were left out as though unimportant, when those particular missing pieces, in actuality, are major relevant facts that, when learned, change the entire picture that we have been presented. In this article I plan to review some of what has happened, in the past two centuries, to corrupt the average American Diet, using a metaphor of missing picture puzzle pieces. The following material is intended to inform, and point out the whys of the poor, national-health picture. Agra-business, the AMA and Big Pharma, have no intention, as yet, to discuss or begin to explain the true reasons for the poor health of the American Public.

Superfood: Chaga Mushroom

If you haven’t heard of the medicinal Chaga mushroom, this article is for you. The Inonotus obliquus is a fungus that grows on trees by feeding off the lignins without damaging the integrity of the tree itself.

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