3 Keto Shake Recipes – Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Strawberry!

How To Lose Weight As You Get On In Years – 4 Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Don’t lose your sleep if you notice a bulging belly at 60. You too can lose weight and get back into that perfect shape. Here are a few tips…

Weight Loss: How To Do It Effectively?

Weight loss is something that many people strive to do, but a lot of people find it to be quite difficult. It can be a struggle as it takes a lot of knowledge, determination and commitment in order to reach your weight loss goals. The information that follows can really help you when you want to lose weight and do it effectively.

No Gimmicks Just Real Diets for People Who Want Results

Don’t be overwhelmed by TV, radio and internet weight loss advertisements. Fad diets and other weight loss gimmicks do not work. This article explains why.

Newest Weight Loss Drug Followed Unusual Path to Approval

The latest weight loss drug to be approved was initially rejected by the FDA 2 years ago. Now back with a new name and the same ingredients doctors across the country get ready to begin prescribing Qsymia. Read more about the drug and its interesting history.

A Resource For Extra Weight Loss Tips

There are so many different little things you can do to help yourself lose weight. You might not want to spend a lot of money on your plans, and therefore you need to be creative and search out different alternatives. You also need to be diligent and committed, so make sure you put all of this together when formulating your ideas. Continue reading to find out about a resource for extra weight loss tips.

Why You Get Love Handles and How to Get Rid of Them

We have all seen them. We all hate them, but how the hell do we get them! I get asked this a lot… actually a hell of a lot.

Lose Weight Without Exercising With Green Coffee Bean Extract – 100% Natural Zero No Side Effects

The green coffee bean extract for weight loss is the new natural supplement that helps the body to lose weight without exercise. You do not have to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight; it works like a magic pill.

Somebody Give Me a Reason!

…then I’ll lose some weight! What will it take to make us take action?

Are You Afraid of Dieting?

You might be afraid of dieting – even the word scares most of us. Why? Because we feel we will fail. You may not know this but 90% – 95% of Women’s Self Esteem is based on their body image. Surprising? Based on my nearly 20 years in practice I have seen, felt and heard the pain surrounding how we women feel about our bodies. It can be heartbreaking and yet so real. It affects everything in our lives. We care too much or we don’t care enough. I am not a big advocate for dieting, in general, because most diets are designed to fail and they do not take into account hormonal imbalance, improper sleep habits, stress and emotional eating patterns and physiological effects. But most importantly they don’t take into account the crucial thing – one crucial thing – our thoughts.

Picking Out the Right Diet and Exercise Plan

Having commitment issues with your diet and exercise relationship? Me too! I want a big ice cream sundae right now with some hot fudge on there… and maybe a peanut butter cup or two! Everyone has cravings… everyone has excuses… keep reading to understand how the professionals handle these obstacles.

Understanding Gastric Laparoscopic Banding

Gastric band is by far the safest procedure available in terms of bariatric surgery. It is also regarded as the simplest.

Eat Great And Lose Weight – A Man’s Guide

Many men find it difficult to combine a busy lifestyle with weight loss. They certainly want to shed a few pounds but don’t have the time to learn how. In this article, you will learn just what you need to know in order to eat great and lose weight, specially tailored for men.

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