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Lets Talk About Leptin and Being LEAN (Part 1 of 2)

I’ve been learning some interesting stuff about this little hormone called “leptin” and how it’s related to achieving and maintaining leanness. We’re becoming a lot more aware now of how hormones really control everything we do…

Weight Loss While On the Road

Your weight loss journey doesn’t stop because you’re taking a road trip. By keeping healthy foods with you and managing your portions, you can stay on track with your weight loss while getting where you need to go.

How Will A Simple Nutrition Plan Based On Healthy Foods Help Me Lose Weight?

Like most people starting on a weight loss diet you probably want fast results. Most likely, you also want a diet that is easy to follow and you may have tried diet after diet only to find yourself back to square one after just a very few months. I have tried almost all popular weight loss diets and in the end, a balanced nutrition plan using simple healthy foods is much more rewarding in terms of healthy and sustainable weight loss than any of the fad diets so highly publicized in magazines and on television.

Unique Hoodia Review: Lose 3-5 Lbs Per Week the Natural Way

Since there is a plethora of diet pills around, it often becomes difficult to choose the right kind of diet pills for your own use. However, Unique Hoodia stands out in the crowd as a powerful weight loss supplement that helps you to lose 3-5 lbs per week. Unique Hoodia makes you lose fat by suppressing your desire to eat. It is, after all, an well-known fact that the fastest way to lose weight is by reducing the calorie intake.

If You Want To Finally Lose Weight, NEVER Buy A Diet Unless It Is Based On MIP!

Do you want to just stop this merry-go-round of going on diets, losing a couple of pounds, regaining weight right back, and ending up frustrated all over again? Well, it all comes down to choosing the RIGHT diet. And the RIGHT diet is one that is based on 3 key things I like to call M.I.P.

Make Your Weight Scale Smile After The Holidays

Why start a weight loss program after the holidays? Why not start losing weight today and be glad you did when you weight yourself after the holidays? Start being healthy today.

The Get Lean Quick Scheme: Here’s What to Do If You Have Only 7 Days to Look Good!

You want to look good but don’t have much time? Here’s a strategy that is useful before a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, vacation, trip, speaking engagement, photo shoot, competition, reunion, hot date, you name it. It takes a week of some serious discipline, though. Can you do it? If you’ve got the will, I got the way…

Useful and Easy Weight Loss Tips

Within an effective weight-loss exercise routine, it is beneficial to schedule your workouts as in the morning as you possibly can. Exercising first thing in the morning will provide you with elevated energy levels throughout the whole day. It can also help your mood, because all day long you can be satisfied with the fact that you already got your workout done.

4 Reasons Why a Non-Diet Approach to Weight Loss Works

How many diets have you tried that ended with you feeling like a failure and losing hope of ever reaching your goal weight? Unfortunately, this happens to many people. You feel like you have tried everything with no success. Have you tried the non-diet approach to weight loss?

Don’t Give Up on Weight Loss

Are you tired of the dieting cycle. This cycle begins when you find the newest fad diet. You lose weight and begin to feel great about your success. Eventually the cravings kick in. Your work has a party, you want to go out to eat, or something else tempts you with forbidden foods. You give into these temptations. You are riddled with guilt and shame. You continue to overeat for a period of time.

How Eating Disorders Hold You Back

There are many myths that you may have developed through your years of dieting attempts and struggles with your eating disorder. One such myth may be that your eating disorder is the source of your problems. When you believe this myth, you blame your weight on the things you see as failures in your life. So basically it come back down to the belief that you must be thin to be successful. So how has this myth been developed over time.

Lose Weight Naturally Without Counting Calories!

It’s official – calorie counting is a waste of time! Find out why, and what you can do instead…

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