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The Highs and (Minor) Lows of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries like gastric bypasses or lap-bands are great options for patients looking to shed off significant weight. This is a list of the high points associated with each procedure, as well as some minor lows such as side effects.

The Fish Oil Diet Can Help You Lose Weight In As Little As 4 Weeks

By now everyone has heard the wonders of fish oil for your heart, but did you know it can help you lose weight too? Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered that the type of fat in your blood stream reflects your diet. In other words, a high fat diet raises your “bad fats” while a low fat diet raises the level of your “good fats”.

Amazing Tips on How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

It is normal to gain weight when you are pregnant. But after childbirth, you should start an effective exercise program to shed weight gained. It would be a lot easier to lose weight if, during your pregnancy, you maintain healthy eating habits and have a well balanced diet, so that you would not gain so much weight that you may find hard to shed after childbirth. If you neglect or delay your workout routine within a couple of months after childbirth, then it would be twice as hard to get positive weight loss results later on.

How to Use the Power Of Habits For Weight Loss

Habits Are a Double-Edged Sword You are where you are right now partly from the habits you have practiced. Habits can take you further from or closer to your goal. You need to start feeding the good habits and starving the bad ones. You will be pulled toward whatever habit you feed.

13 Weird Diet Tips Medically Proven to Lose Weight – From Laughing to Poking Yourself With a Needle

13 really weird diet tips proven to lose weight. Poke yourself with a needle will lose 10 pounds in three months. Laughing at silly things will burn 250 calories in 15 minutes. And many more…

Good Fats to Lose Weight Are Easy to Swallow

Let this be the year you finally lose those unwanted pounds. Include these good fats to lose weight in your diet and you may be surprised at how fast you shed that weight. You might think eating “fat” not a weight loss technique but it depends on the fat.

Does African Mango Really Work In A Diet Program?

Nowadays, there have been many supplemental diet pills that have been introduced in the market and most of them are claiming to be effective in losing weight. But actually, not all of them have been proven to be very effective as a dietary supplement. The introduction of the African Mango (AM) Supplement in the market raised questions of its effectiveness in losing weight or is it just another scam?

Change Your Lifestyle Instead Of Dieting

The word ‘diet’ alone can make some people relate to the thought of failure almost immediately. If you start thinking of dieting as making a positive change in your life instead, it can be the key to success for your weight loss plans. On a serious note, eating can turn into an addiction.

Weight Loss and Its Relationship to Body Shape

There are important factors that must be considered when planning an effective weight loss program. Key to weight loss success is selecting the right program and approach that takes your individual uniqueness into consideration.

Healthy Eating Diet That Has Little or No Salt

These days it is getting tougher and tougher to create a healthy eating meals diet. Half, if not more than half the food we eat comes out of tins. Even in the case of home cooked foods, ingredients such as tomato paste, garlic paste, ginger paste, etc. is usually sourced from tins.

Still Can’t Get Motivated To Lose Weight? Try This Little Trick To Boost Your Motivation Level!

Have you tried everything you can to increase your motivation to get in shape, but, you still can’t get motivated to lose weight? Well, there is another little trick I did myself that helped me out personally with getting more motivation, self discipline, and willpower to stick with my diet and exercise program. Take some time out of your day and read on to learn more…

Burning Fat and Losing Weight Tips

Many people will agree that burning fat is never easy and losing weight is even hard; it requires a lot of self-motivation and discipline to be able to get the results you need to feel great about yourself. This is one of the main factors to the so called losing weight equation. In this article i will give you few free facts about burning fat and losing weight.

The Flat Belly Code

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