20-Minute Morning Deep-Stretch Yoga to Warm Up Your Body

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Smart Summer Snacking

Summer is just about here… we in Seattle can feel it. It’s been a long winter. Finally the days are longer and we are getting outside. More importantly, many of us are planning trips, outings, picnics, etc. What do these things always involve? FOOD of course!

Bloating, IBS and Trigger Foods

Bloating, cramps and stomach irritability can feel like minimal concerns, however, if you’re struggling with issues daily then it may be time to consider making lifestyle changes. Digestive problems are one of the most common reasons why people seek medical help; they can hamper everyday activities and routines. While there are many methods for treating intestinal discomfort, the medical community is increasingly seeking solutions outside of traditional medications and treatment plans.

Why Avocados Are Great For You

Avocados not only taste delicious but they are packed with nutrients. Get creative with these alternative ideas for eating avocado.

Fresh Fruit Juices: For A Healthy Life

CITRUS FRUITS Pulpy, juicy and delicious fruits are loved by all and in this category are the citrus fruits. The citrus fruits are fleshy in nature and its juice is acidic in nature. They are very beneficial and are used in a variety of ways.

Health Benefits You Will Love If You Eat Walnuts Daily

Skin Benefits – Tighten Pores: The presence of Tannin in the nuts leave your skin soft and supple as it has great astringent effects on your skin. People who are distressed with the enlarged pores, consuming walnuts are the best way to shrink them up.

Fight Fatigue – How to Boost Your Iron Levels

Low iron levels can be overlooked as one of the leading causes of fatigue. Iron is one of the most important nutrients for it maintains good energy levels and a strong immune system. How to boost your iron level with diet and supplements and what factors may reduce your ability to absorb iron.

Healthy Eating – Which Is The Best Protein Powder for You To Use?

As you go about your workout and nutrition program, there is going to come to a point where you are likely going to look into the variously available supplements. One supplement you will want to invest in is a good quality protein powder. But, what is the best protein powder to use? How can you ensure which protein you buy, it’s the one which will yield optimal results? When it comes to figuring out the best protein powder to consume, there are a few things you will need to consider. Let’s look at each of these, so you feel confident you have figured out your solution.

How To Optimize Your Energy Levels Naturally

We are all quite accustomed to the afternoon slump. When the slump strikes, is your first instinct to reach for the coffee pot or that energy drink? Sometimes, it feels like our only option.

Hydrate Your Skin From the Inside Out

Hydration no only comes from drinking water but also eating it. These 5 foods are filled with water and hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Healthy Eating – Four Great Reasons To Enjoy Coconut Milk

As you go about improving your nutrition program and implementing changes to create a healthier you, one thing you will need to be doing is ensuring you are getting enough healthy fats in your eating plan. Many people overlook healthy fats as the emphasis tends to be more on protein and the type of carbohydrates you eat when it comes to changing your body composition. But healthy fats must be considered. Also make sure you do not get stuck in the trap of only eating the same type of fat – olive oil for instance, over and over again.

Gluten: What Is It? How Does It Affect Your Health?

Only the ones affected by gluten will know about it, more so than the ones not affected. Do we really know what it is, where it comes from and what it does to our health? On many products we see labels: “Gluten-Free”. This is why many people opt for a gluten-free diet without being of any benefit to them. Many people think that such diet is healthier, in fact it isn’t. Such diet is only essential for people with celiac disease. For anyone who isn’t sensitive to gluten such a diet can have a reverse effect on them.

You Don’t Need Food Supplements to Stay Healthy

A lot of elderly people is wasting money on food supplements to stays healthy when all it needs is a good nutritious diet. Don’t be one of them. You can still achieve good health without food supplements through these simple and easy ways..

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