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Studies Agree: Drink Green Tea!

Many studies have been done on the benefits of green tea in relation to weight loss. Could green tea help you to lose weight? Read the science and decide for yourself.

How to Lose Weight Permanently If You Are an Emotional Eater, or Overeater

If you have a few pounds to lose because you went on vacation and indulged a little, it may be easy to simply go on a diet for a week or two, and lose weight, or do a quick fast or detox and even lose weight in a week. But for those who use food to anesthetize their feelings, just as an alcoholic or drug addict does, losing weight can seem like running over a very, very steep mountain.

How to Lose Weight Super Fast and Naturally While Giving Your Body an Opportunity to Heal

Losing weight super fast may actually be good for you – there are times when losing weight really fast is very necessary. How can it be done in a natural and healthy way? The answer is to fast for a period of time. Let’s take a look at why and how:

Antioxidants for Weight Loss

Toxins are the very core reasons of alteration of body functions. In the excretion of food waste, toxins may hinder the proper release and that may harm the internal functions. The release of toxins is very important to attain optimum health; losing weight also depends on the toxic waste of the body.

Calories Burned on Elliptical Trainer Vs Treadmill Machine

Will the calories burned on elliptical machines be enough to help you lose the excess weight? This is a very common question among people who are anxious to lose weight and looking for help in doing so.

Lose Fat: What Is the Best Afternoon Snack

In my struggle to lose weight and keep it off, one of my main problem areas is the desire to snack in the afternoon. I have tried many different ways to curb this problem, just to fall off the wagon after a week or two of “being good”. Finally, I have found the perfect afternoon snack that is both delicious and great for the diet.

Weight Loss – A Life Changing Journey

According to the National Health and Examination Survey, obesity trends all over the U.S. are continuously on the rise. A whopping 33.8% or one-third of adults and 17% of children and adolescents all over America are obese; making these people an easy target for heart disease and diabetes.

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Can hypnosis and self hypnosis really be effective for weight loss? In this article we look at what hypnosis really is and how it might be helpful for anyone trying to lose weight.

How to Grocery Shop for a Full Week’s Worth of Weight Loss Foods in Only 15 Minutes

Learn the four easy techniques that I use each week in order to get in and out of the grocery store with a cart full of healthy belly burning foods in only fifteen minutes. It’s very simple if you just follow these simple techniques.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy Successfully

Your baby sure is a joy and you have been waiting for this blessing since you got married. Now, it is time to take care of yourself and lose all the weight that the pregnancy has brought on.

Losing Your Leg Fat Efficiently

You would like to wear shorts but your legs have too much fat in them. Learn how to lose leg fat efficiently.

Walking Your Way to a Healthy Body

Losing weight is a common goal of many people around the world especially in the U.S. United States of America is said to have the most number of overweight people thus most of them are not trying to find ways to lose weight fast. Some of them are now going to the gym to workout or join exercise programs that includes dancing or other enjoyable exercise routines. Others are turning to dietary pills or even medical procedures to remove excess fats in the body.

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