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The Standard American Diet Is SAD

Without giving it a second thought, many Americans eat a diet that is both nutrient-poor and calorie-dense. We choose foods simply because they are “convenient” without giving much thought to the fact that they are full of nutritionally bankrupt ingredients such as sugar, starch, damaged fats, sodium, and chemical additives.

How to Burn More Fat More Often

Interval Training, sometimes referred to as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, is a special form of “cardio”. And it’s not easy. Just like most things in life, if it’s worth anything, it’s usually hard. If you’re going to spend 30 minutes on an elliptical machine, my two cents, use HIIT. You’ll use a bit more energy during the thirty minutes but here’s the hidden benefit: you’ll burn up to 37% more calories over the next 14 hours. And other research has shown 10 one minute high intensity cycling intervals three times per week is just as effective as several days of much longer and slower cycling. Read on to learn more about HIIT and how to maximize weight loss.

5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight fast? Well, there are many effective ways you can bank on to shed a few pounds quickly. An easy way to lose weight basically involves engaging in something fun.

How Healthy Eaters Achieve Their Ideal Weight

Changing from being an over-eater to a healthy eater is sometimes a struggle. This article provides some suggestions to help make that transition easier.

Weight Loss Workout Program Tips That Take Little Effort

People who begin a weight loss workout program want immediate results while putting in very little effort. There are five action items fat loss seekers can incorporate to boost results that take hardly any effort at all. Discover exactly what you need to do.

Age Is No Barrier To Weight Loss

This is my viewpoint and one that incorporates much of my sites regarding weight loss and getting healthy. No re-runs folks. this is the only life and body you are going to get, so use it well.

5 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

While consistency is the key for long term health and fitness, there are often times when you may want to slim down quickly. Maybe it’s for an upcoming event like a wedding and right now your cloths aren’t fitting you right. It might be that summer is here and you want to look a little better in your bathing suit at the beach or BBQ party. Regardless of your motivation, the following 5 ways can help you lose up to five pounds in 5 days.

Follow a High Protein Low Carb Diet To Lose Weight Naturally

Basically if you reduce the amount of carbohydrate you consume (especially simple carbs), your body has less glucose to process & send to the muscles & other organs for energy. So with less glucose available for your body’s energy requirements it should start burning fat for this shortfall…

Successful Weight Loss – You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Most of us are conditioned to believe that we can have it all, the career the family the achievements. But when it comes to successful weight loss you literally can not have your cake and eat it too. In most aspects of your life you can just work harder or smarter or both to try and fit everything in your life, but when it comes to food there is no way that you can eat what you want and lose weight.

Cycling Carbohydrates

This article is all about how to make carbohydrates your number one rapid weight loss weapon in a natural way. Learn how to cycle carbohydrates and what are the best and worst foods to eat for fat loss.

Lose That Belly With These Helpful Dieting Tips

Many people struggle to lose weight. Additionally, excess fat around your belly can not only be hard on the eyes it can also increase your risk for certain chronic illnesses. This article talks about so simple dieting tips you can incorporate to lose that belly.

Calorie Count For Losing Weight

So in this article we’re going back to basics; how do you lose weight? By using more energy than you consume. How do you ensure that you use more energy than you consume? By making minor adjustments to your current daily energy consumption and physical activity.

The Flat Belly Code

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