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If It’s Not Delicious, Spit It Out

I frequently caution against eating those last few leftovers rather than throwing them away or putting them away. Now I want to shift the question- rather than “Should I take this last bite?” I want you to ask yourself, “Should I take this first bite?”

Natural Weight Loss – Non Toxic Fat Burning

Between two-thirds and 80 percent of the United States is now over weight, with 30 percent being classified as medically obese. The United States isn’t alone, other countries, even traditionally thin cultures like the Chinese, are catching up. Doesn’t that seem odd since we have a billion dollar diet-food industry, yet we’re getting fatter and fatter?

Garbage Disposal Behavior

Okay, I’m talking to the Moms out there, as well as those of you who eat mostly “meals for one”. Take this one-question quiz: When you have eaten enough to feel satisfied, and you notice that there is less than a cup or so left of whatever you ate, do you, A, carefully put it away in your refrigerator, B, throw it in the garbage disposal, or C, eat it?

Natural Weight Loss – Flavor Addiction

With upwards of 80 percent of the population being overweight, and 30 percent being considered medically obese, and the contrast of a one billion dollar diet-food industry – it’s obvious something is seriously wrong. It seems illogical unless you make the connection. How can we have such a health-conscious society — yet more of us are fat than ever before?

Natural Weight Loss Is Toxic Free

Are you frustrated with your efforts to lose weight and keep it off? Do you suffer, and deprive yourself and count calories? Are you eating all the low-fat and fat-free, sugar free foods that you can stand yet, the weight stays on, or worse, you’ve gained weight over the years of struggle?

Natural Weight Loss – Food Imitators

What if I told you that some of the food you eat isn’t really what you think you’re eating, and some of it is not even food at all. Food imitators are used in many processed foods and even in foods you might not realize are well, fake. Fake food use is at an all-time high, because the consumption of so-called diet-food, fast food and other highly processed food is at an all-time high.

Natural Weight Loss – The Sweet Side

Eighty percent of the population is overweight and thirty percent is obese. Most of those people are using artificial sweeteners to try to cut down on calories and lose weight. Unfortunately the dark side of the sweet side is that artificial sweeteners are chemicals that are dangerous to the user experiencing truly simple, natural weight loss.

Natural Weight Loss – Change Is Hard

Eating great food is the key to natural weight loss and a healthier, happier life. But once you’ve lost weight it can also be hard to accept the new you. If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight sometimes the image in your head is different from the image that you see in a picture or in the mirror.

Natural Weight Loss – Dare To Be Different

Embarking on a natural weight loss regimen is the answer to losing weight in a healthy, natural way however, it isn’t a panacea for all health issues. There are times you can do it all right, have will power of steal yet, for some unknown reason you fail to lose weight. It can be very discouraging when this happens.

Your TV Habit Will Reduce Your Longevity And Make You Fat Too

No doubt you have heard that too much TV makes you fat, but now, surprising research shows that your TV habit will reduce your longevity. This is huge. It’s also sad because you may be inclined to ignore this warning because TV seems so benign and harmless.

Pointers On How To Select A Diet Plan

The Right Plan For You. There are many different types of diets, from crash diets like liquid diets to more healthy balanced diets and many in between. The most important factor when selecting a diet is that you make sure that it works for you, that it fits your daily lifestyle and that it provides as close as possible the type of foods and snacks you can live with for the duration of the diet.

Fat Burners or Green Tea

With obesity on the rise, increasing numbers of people are desperate to lose weight. Many people are looking for a “magic bullet” that will melt the fat away with no effort on their part. Sadly, with all the products currently saturating the market, many of which are very helpful in losing weight, there is not one that will melt one ounce of fat without the support of a healthy diet and exercise.

The Flat Belly Code

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