10-minute Chicken Pho Soup Recipe!

Moringa Oleifera Tree of Life

Moringa Oleifera has many uses with internal & external benefits and nutrition. Diet Moringa Oleifera Oil has proven powerful healing properties for Hair & Skin and is used in many hair products and cosmetics.

Healthy Eating – Top Get Well Foods When You Have the Common Cold or Flu

So you have come down with the common cold or flu and are feeling under the weather. Usually, flu symptoms come on quickly and are more severe than when you are experiencing a cold. Your appetite is likely down, and the last thing you feel like doing is eating one of your normal meals. But, if you want to get your health back, you must nourish your body. You will need the energy to fight off whatever it is you have and get yourself well again. So, which foods should you choose?

Healthy Eating – Four Red Meat Sources To Include In Your Healthy Eating Plan

If you fear eating red meat due to concerns with its cholesterol content, it might be time for you to reconsider this thought. At least it is not a good idea you shun red meat entirely. The fact is, red meat contains many essential nutrients necessary for you to include in your diet – nutrients too many people otherwise go without. These nutrients include iron, zinc, as well as vitamin B12. If you are not taking in these nutrients, you may notice you become more fatigued than normal and especially have low endurance levels during your exercise program. The good news is there are some great options to help you take in these nutrients. Here are four terrific red meat sources you should start including in your eating plan…

3 Questions Never To Ask About Sugar

These days, it’s no news that sugar is bad news. Yet certain questions about sugar come up again and again. This article looks at three of them.

Healthy Eating – The Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

Are you someone who is interested in taking your health to the next level? If so, there is a good chance you have considered adding green tea to your eating plan. You have likely heard all of the positive notes about how beneficial this tea is to your health and as such, have replaced your morning cup of coffee with this beverage. But, as it turns out there is a beverage even better you will want to consider adding to the mix. That beverage? Matcha tea.

Acid and Alkaline Food

It is essential to balance the acid and alkali levels in our bodily systems.The body has internal mechanism to balance the acid alkaline ratio but it is important to have a balanced acid alkaline food. The pH factor indicates the acidity and alkalinity of the body and plays a vital role in body chemistry.

Rosemary Recipes: 3 Healthy Dishes That Are A Must-Try

Rosemary is one of the most widely-used natural herbs in cooking. If you’re a fan of this fragrant herb, here are 3 mouth-watering recipes you shouldn’t miss!

Change Your Mind About Sugar

In this modern era of manufactured foods, it seems we have become conditioned to expect a sweet taste in almost everything we eat. Even your favorite brand of beef jerky now lists high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. You may opt for low fat versions of foods, at the suggestion that fat is not good for your diet. The problem is that when the manufacturers remove the fat, the product often loses its desirable flavor or texture. To remedy this, some form of sugar is regularly added to make the product more palatable.

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

As we all are aware of the fact that there are no shortcuts to losing the weight. You have to work hard to get a better shape of the body. But what if we add few things in our life and make them the part of our regular routine. For that purpose, you must have the knowledge of the foods that are required to speed up metabolism.

Break the Comfort Food Stress Cycle

You can’t explain it, but you know that occasionally you must have that bowl of ice cream, extra-large pizza, chocolate bonbons, bowl of mashed potatoes or half-pound of bacon and eggs fried in butter. Aside from these events, you generally do a good job of managing your diet and if only you could curb your cravings, you’d be able to take off that extra layer of weight. The problem is that eating these foods feels so good that you can’t imagine giving them up.

You Need to Eat More to Lose Weight

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to reduce the amount of food you need to eat to loose weight. This mindset has led to extreme dieting, which is dangerous for the individual. In order to effectively lose weight, one has to understand how to pair food to allow your body to increase its metabolism and burn fat.

Healthy Diet for Men: Build Yourself in Your Early 20’s

The diet choices you make during the early days of your youth can seriously affect the rest of your life. Studies show that men who have had a healthy lifestyle in their 20’s which included a nutritious, balanced diet were less likely to develop heart diseases as they aged, in comparison to those who did not have a balanced diet.

The Flat Belly Code

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