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The Flat Belly Code

An Ounce Of Obesity Prevention Is Worth Several Pounds of Cure

Obesity is a growing epidemic that’s slowly but surely making its way around the globe. It’s taking the lives of millions, stripping them of their quality of life and dooming them to a relative eternity of health problems. Doctors are fighting it, but there’s only so much treating the symptoms is going to do.

Compulsive Overeating – What Is It, Why Does It Happen, and How Can You Stop It?

  Compulsive overeating is not only a condition by itself, but it can also be a symptom of your body not being in harmony with your mind. Hunger is usually a physical response to our bodies needing fuel, and when we feel full the hunger feeling will stop. However, our bodies can also trigger the hunger sensation if we are lacking a certain vitamin or other nutrient (this is theorised as being behind the weird cravings experienced during pregnancy.

Personal Trainer Shares 7 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

One of the most dangerous times of year when it comes to putting on weight and body fat is the Christmas holiday. This is generally a time when we eat and drink more than we should, however it does not have to be like this.

Weight Loss Help – Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Drugs Are a Dead End

Have you ever listened carefully to some of those commercials from the pharmaceutical drug companies advertising a product and what it can do for you, followed up by just as much time going down the list of it’s known side effects and other warnings? It’s almost unbelievable that after all that, people still go ahead and buy the drug.

Gluten Intolerance and Weight Gain – Simple Tips For Easy Weight Loss

Have you recently become Gluten Intolerant? Are you struggling with your weight? I know from past experience, how hard it can be to find a weight loss program which is built for people who have Celiac Disease. Let me show you some simple ways to get rid of those extra pounds, safely and easily.

A Few Strategies To Bear In Mind When Trying To Lose Weight

Many people would like to lose a few pounds and a good number have used a diet plan of some kind and most likely had some short term success. However, most dieters put the weight back on fairly soon. This article gives some tips for more successful weight loss.

Put “Forever” In Your Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off for good eludes 90% of those who have lost weight. Rather than focusing on the short term goal of losing weight, this article attempts to offer long term ideas for keeping the weight off.

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Is Not About Counting Calories

Weight loss needs to be all about healthy eating and should have nothing to do with counting calories. Restricting your calorie intake in an effort to lose weight is one of those myths based on a complete lack of understanding of the underlying problem.

How To Lose Weight By Simply Chewing Food

You can lose weight by eating chewy food. A Japanese study found women eating chewy or crunchy foods lost weight and they had slimmer waistlines than women who ate softer foods. Their bodies had to work harder to digest the chewy food, which used up calories in the process. Does this mean you can eat yourself thin?

The Dangers and Allusions of Weight Loss

The dangers of weight loss have been obscured by the alluring “results” that are so heavily marketed by various testimonials for ages. These self-proclaimed “miracle” solutions that bombard us from all media venues, are nothing more than a marketing ploy that monetize on a desperate health and beauty conscious people. With proper education, we can have a more informed health future, instead of a wealthy marketing sector.

Abdominal Fat Loss Diet: Ideal for Overweight Persons

Worried about that extra flab in your abdomen whenever you sit down? This abdominal fat loss diet described in this article will help you worry no more. With this article, you will be able to learn how to get rid of that extra flab on your tummy with valuable tips on diet modification.

A Radical Yet Easy Way to Losing Weight Naturally and Healthily

Weight loss can be easier than you think; yet, it will yield results that will go way beyond just being thinner. I went through it myself and I came out of it a new, healthier person without fear of regaining the weight back.

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